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Marlon Binding Machines

Crimping the ends of spiral coil can be a tedious job, especially for larger print runs. Browse Marlon's selection of electric and air powered coil crimpers that make crimping fast and easy. Also check out their coil inserter that makes binding just as easy.
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Crimpers and Inserters
Make coil binding faster and easier with these great machines from Marlon.
Have you ever tried to finish hundreds of books with a standard pair of coil crimping pliers? If so, you have probably said to yourself "There has to be a better way to do this!" Marlon said the same thing and that is the reason why they developed these awesome high quality crimping units that you see below. Choose an electric unit or purchase a pneumatic system to plug into your shop air compressor. Plus you can combine the crimper with a Marlon high speed inserter to make the finishing process even faster. Check out the options above and give us a call or chat with us if you have any questions.