Martin Yale Envelope Moisteners
On this page, you can find a range of Martin Yale Envelope Moisteners that will help you process mail and sort files in an easy way. Created with function in mind, these envelope moisteners are compact and convenient. This category includes the AquaBall moistener which features a floating ball on a reservoir of water. Thanks to the enclosed design, you can use this moistener without splashing water on your desk. The AquaPad has a convenient slot for envelopes as well as a separate spot for stamps and fingertips. Finally, Martin Yale LMS1 has a refillable bottle and bottle storage area on one side and can both moisten and seal envelopes in one pass.

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  1. Martin Yale LMS1 All-in-One Envelope Moistener/Sealer

    • Moistens and seals envelopes in one simple pass.
    • No more licking and hand sealing envelopes with this little machine.
    • Easy to fill top access reservoir.
    • Comes with refillable bottle and bottle storage area in side of unit.
    Part #: LMS1


  2. Martin Yale AquaPad LM3 Envelope Moistener

    • Easily moistens all sizes of envelopes in one mess-free pass.
    • Special slot to slide envelops through and a separate spot for finger-tips and stamps.
    • Enclosed housing that prevents splashing and protects water supply from evaporation.
    • Cellulose wick that pulls the water up from the bottom and stays moist for days.
    Part #: LM3


  3. Martin Yale AquaBall All-Purpose Moistener - AQ701G

    • Floating ball over a reservoir of water.
    • Perfect for moistening your fingertips, stamps, envelopes and labels
    • Moistens your fingertips to make collating, sorting and filing easier.
    • Enclosed floating ball design that prevents splashing and reduces the evaporation.
    Part #: AQ701G


3 Items

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