Master 2-Hole Punches
Choosing the right hole punch can be a challenging task. There are so many options to choose from and the majority of the ones you do find are the stardard three holes. But what if you are looking for only one with 2 holes? Well we at have exactly what you are looking for. Our line of 2 hole punches by Master are a perfect addition to your office, home or school. Each machine has a ruler so you can be sure you are lining each page correctly. Additionally, each one has paper chip pan so you don’t have to worry about a mess. Check them out below!
Punch Capacity (Sheets)  

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  1. Master MP250 2-Hole Punch by Martin Yale

    • Padded handle helps cushion hands when punching stacks
    • Oversized 9/32" punch heads for easier page turning
    • Adjustable paper guide that ensures exact centering
    • Large capacity paper chip pan
    Part #: MP250


  2. Master EP210 Electric Hole Punch by Martin Yale

    • Automatic on/off
    • Electric 2-hole punch produces 1/4" holes.
    • Adjustable paper guide for easy set-up.
    • Punches standard 2-hole pattern (2.75" centers).
    Part #: EP210


2 Items

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