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Supply55 ReelPRO Take-Up System

Want to enhance the efficiency of your printing operations? Looking for a way to protect your prints from dust and dirt? Searching for a method that will help you minimize or reduce waste from damaged prints? This Supply55 ReelPRO Take-Up System is made for you! The revolutionary design will significantly improve your workflow and will bring more peace of mind, as you'll be able to leave your printer unattended, even during longer printing jobs. Save both time and money with this affordable and premium quality product by ordering it today from MyBinding and boost your profits by eliminating the cost of throwing away damaged prints!
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  1. ReelPRO Professional Take-Up System Image 1

    ReelPRO Professional Take-Up System

    ReelPRO Professional Take-Up System Image 1
    • Max Media Weight: Up to approx. 45 lbs (20.41 kg)
    • Power Requirements: 110 VAC
    • Maximum Spooling Speed: 8 ft/min (243.8 cm/min)
    • Take-up Core: Supplied by customer

    Your Price: $695.00

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