10" - 15" Manual Stack/Ream Cutters
Cut large stacks of paper with a manual stack cutter. These cutters, ranging from 10" to 15", can cut hundreds of pages in one clean motion. They take up less work space with their smaller size, and cut standard sized paper. Measure, clamp, and cut your pages with the most efficient cutters you can buy. If you don't need a large cutter, save yourself some money and get a smaller, affordable one here. These affordable cutters are great for smaller shops with lower production volumes.

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  1. Formax Cut-True 13M 14.5" Tabletop Manual Paper Cutter

    • Guillotine cutter accurately cuts through paper stacks up to .75" high, up to 14.5" wide
    • LED Laser cut line for pinpoint accuracy
    • High-quality steel blade
    • Front and rear safety covers
    Part #: Cut-True13M


  2. Martin Yale 7000E 12" Commercial Stack Cutter

    • Cut Length: 12"
    • Cut Type: Guillotine/Stack
    • Cut Capacity: 375 Sheets
    • Paper Clamp: Yes
    Part #: 7000E


  3. Challenge Spartan 150M 15.75" Manual Heavy-Duty Paper Cutter

    • Cut Length: 15.75"
    • Cut Type: Guillotine
    • Cut Capacity: 200 Sheets
    • Paper Clamp: Yes
    Part #: CH-SPARTAN150M


3 Items

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