Automated Padding Machines
Create pads instantly and easy with our Automated Padding Machines. With these machines, you can save hours of brushing, clamping, drying and slitting. You can also save a lot of money too by simply switching from manual to automatic method. so, switch now!!!!

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  1. Brackett Padmaster 2000 Tabletop Automated Padding Machine

    • Simple and Speedy Automatic Tabletop Padder
    • Produces 12 ready to-use pads (or strips of pads) every minute or 720 pad/units an hour.
    • Warms up fast. Just 18 minutes from a cold start.
    • Adjustable temperature controller and LED display.
    Part #: Padmaster2000


  2. Brackett 19" High-Speed Automated Circular Padder with Conveyor

    • Slash padding coss 80%. 6-9 times faster than manual methods.
    • Proven, trouble-free low maintenance operation.
    • A clean, efficient method of producing professional pads and multiple pad strips – up to 1" thick and 19" long
    • Simple sequence for automated padding.
    Part #: CP-19


2 Items

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