Miruna Flat Stitching Wire 5 lb. Spool
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Miruna Flat Stitching Wire 5 lb. Spool

Brand: Miruna
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  • Superior quality, no added lead.
  • Two basic gauge styles, flat wire and round.
  • Round wire is available in 18x20 to 21x25 gauge.
  • Available in 10 or 12 per carton.
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Product Description

Do you have a lot of small booklet or presentations to bind, but don?t know how to bind it? Consider wire stitching! With Miruna Wire, you?re bound (pun intended) to get a clean, durable binding without compromising looks or safety. Miruna is one of the few companies that does not add lead to their wiring, so it?s eco-friendly and health-conscious. This also makes the wire more durable. This 5 lb. spool has gauge flat wire made of galvanized zinc. These spools are packaged in cardboard boxes for greater storage protection.

Product Details

  • Wire Finish: Flat Galvanized Zinc Wire
  • Gauge: 18x20 - 21x25 Gauge (Choose Above)
  • Quantity: 10 or 12 per carton (depending on gauge)

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Sizing Guide

GaugePart NumberWeightQuantity
18x20MIRSW18X20-55 lb.12 per carton
20x23MIRSW20X23-55 lb.12 per carton
20x24MIRSW20x24-55 lb.12 per carton
20x25MIRSW20x25-55 lb.12 per carton
21x25MIRSW21X25-55 lb.10 per carton

Questions & Answers

Unfortunately, the Miruna Flat Stitching Wire 5 lb. Spool is not available in black.

Answered by MyBinding.com
2 years ago
Unfortunately, we are not able to see the wire in individual spools.

Answered by MyBinding
3 years and 3 months ago ago

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