Miruna Round Stitching Wire
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Miruna Round Stitching Wire

Brand: Miruna
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  • Superior quality, no added lead.
  • Wire Finish: Round Galvanized Zinc Wire
  • Packaged in cardboard boxes for greater storage protection.
  • Available in 5lb up to 70lb spools.
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Product Description

Do you need to quickly bind a whole bunch of small presentations or booklets? Consider wire stitching! Miruna Wire will do the trick--professional-looking, durable, and safe. Miruna is one of the few companies that does not add lead to their wiring, so it?s eco-friendly and health-conscious. Without added lead, these wires are actually more durable. This 5 lb. spool has 20 # gauge round wire made of galvanized zinc. These spools are packaged in cardboard boxes for greater storage protection.

Product Details

  • Wire Finish: Round Galvanized Zinc Wire
  • Gauge: 20 - 27 Gauge
  • Quantity: 1,4,10, or 12 per carton (depending on gauge)

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Sizing Guide

GaugePart NumberWeightQuantity
20MIRSW-20-55 lb.12 per carton
20MIRSW-20-3535 lb.1 per carton
20MIRSW-20-7070 lb.1 per carton
21MIRSW-21-55 lb.10 per carton
22MIRSW-22-4444 lb.1 per carton
22MIRSW-22-7070 lb.1 per carton
23MIRSW-23-55 lb.12 per carton
23MIRSW-23-88 lb.4 per carton
23MIRSW-23-4444 lb.1 per carton
23MIRSW-23-7070 lb.1 per carton
24MIRSW-24-55 lb.12 per carton
24MIRSW-24-108 lb.4 per carton
24MIRSW-24-4444 lb.1 per carton
24MIRSW-24-7070 lb.1 per carton
25MIRSW-25-108 lb.4 per carton
25MIRSW-25-4444 lb.1 per carton
25MIRSW-25-7070 lb.1 per carton
26MIRSW-26-55 lb.12 per carton
26MIRSW-26-108 lb.4 per carton
26MIRSW-26-4444 lb.1 per carton
27MIRSW-27-4444 lb.1 per carton

Questions & Answers

Thank you for your question. The Miruna Round Stitching Wire is not looped at the beginning and end spool but it is tied off to the spool itself so it does not come unspooled.

Answered by Myinding
4 years and 4 months ago ago
Thank you for your question. Normally when using the 35/40 or 70 pound spools they use a de-spooler, so diameter is not important. If you are using a 5 pound spool the core is 3/4". Unless using a de-spooler these probably would not work.

Answered by MyBinding.com
6 years and 6 months ago ago

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