Hard Drive Destroyers/Crushers/Punchers/Shredders
Data security and privacy is now deemed top-priority! Bring security to you business with our hard drive destroyers that will bring peace of mind knowing no valuable data will ever find its way to the wrong hands. Check out our selection of drive destroyers from Dahle, Destroyit, Formax, Intimus, and Proton and see what will suit your needs. From the simplest to the most sophisticated in technology, we have the destroyer to punch, shred, or crush all kinds of hard drives making sure that you are protected from potential data breaches.

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  1. Dahle PowerTEC 818 HD Hard Drive Punch

    • NSA approved machine for destroying 2.5" and 3.5" hard drives
    • Security Level H-3 for the destruction of confidential digital media.
    • Hardened nickel-plated punch renders hard drives unreadable.
    • Chain driven continuous duty motor for slip-free power.
    Part #: DH-818HD


  2. Destroyit 0101 Hard Drive Punch - HDP0101

    • Punches a hole completely through the hard drive, making it unreadable
    • Suitable for 2 1/2" and 3 1/2" drives (single feed)
    • Adjustable feed chute made of high quality steel
    • Handy slide lever for easy selection of hard drive size
    Part #: HDP0101


  3. Intimus HDD Gladiator Hard Drive Shredder

    • Automatic reverse when overloading.
    • Split Shredding Chamber for Multi Media optimization.
    • Media Throughput per hour: up to 500
    • Shreds HDD and SSD drives as well as CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray disk, VHS, DLT tapes, Cell Phones, etc.
    Part #: Gladiator-HDD


  4. Intimus 360 Hard Drive and Solid State Media Physical Destroyer

    • Destroys all kind of hard drives regardless of size, operating system or interface.
    • Fast and easy to operate.
    • Media: intimus 360 Destroyer: Hard Drives up to 5,7 cm in height / SSD Destroyer: SSD, fl ash drives, USB thumb drives, SSHD controller boards
    • Destruction Time: Destroys up to 1,800 (6,4 cm) hard drives per hour / Destroys up to 360 (8,9 cm) hard drives per hour
    Part #: Intimus-360


  5. Formax FD 87HDS-R HDD/SSD Hard Drive Shredder with Recording System

    • Accommodate 3.5" HDD and 2.5" HDD & SSD drives
    • Recording System
    • Separate shredding chambers
    • LED Control Panel
    Part #: FD 87HDS-R


  6. Formax FD 87HDS Hard Drive Shredder

    • Destroys hard drives
    • Handles 2.5" and 3.5" drives
    • Hardened solid steel blades
    • Separate shredding chambers
    Part #: FD 87HDS


  7. Proton PDS 105 HD/SSD Multimedia Shredder

    • Destroys hard drives, solid state drives, credit/store cards, CDs/DVDs, floppy disks, USB sticks and magnetic tapes.
    • Shred Size: Cross Cut: 0.39" x 1" - 1.18" max (Other cut sizes available upon request)
    • Shreds to .39" (.99 cm) particle size.
    • Throughput per hour: 2,500 items
    Part #: PDS105


  8. Proton PDS-100 Automatic Hard Drive Crusher

    • Cycle Time: 60 HZ units: 10 seconds or less and 50 HZ units: 12 seconds or less (dependent on operator)
    • Destruction Method: Bends/ breaks platters, damages heads, motor and circuit board
    • Maintenance: Occasional vacuuming of debris drawer and internal housing
    • Manual Operator Exertion
    Part #: PROTONPDS-100


  9. Proton PDS-75 Manual Hard Drive Crusher

    • Cycle Time: 8 Seconds or Less (dependent on operator)
    • Destruction Method: Bends/breaks platter, damages heads, motor and circuit board
    • Maintenance: Occasional vacuuming of debris drawer and internal housing
    • Manual Operator Exertion
    Part #: PROTONPDS-75


  10. Formax FD 87HD Hard Drive Punch

    • Punching die made of hardened, nickel-plated steel.
    • Powerful, efficient AC geared-motor with heavy duty steel gears for high performance and minimal noise.
    • LED lights illuminate the punching chamber.
    • Transparent safety shield.
    Part #: FD 87HD


  11. Proton 104 Multimedia Shredder

    • Shred Size: 1.5" x Random
    • Opening: 11.5"D x 2.4"H x 6.5"W (27.94cm x 6.09cm x 16.51cm)
    • Media Destroyed: Hard Disk Drive (HDD), Solid State Drive (SSD), Smart Phone, Tape media (DLT, LTO, DDS, etc.), Optical media (CD/DVD/Blu-ray), floppy disk, USB stick, credit cards and more
    • Removable waste container.
    Part #: PDS-104


11 Items

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