Wrap-Tite Cast Hand Stretch Wrap Films - 4 Rolls
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Wrap-Tite Cast Hand Stretch Wrap Films - 4 Rolls

Brand: Wrap-Tite
  • Quiet cast film.
  • Stiff and strong.
  • 65 - 120 Gauge.
  • Good puncture resistance.
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Product Description

The Wrap-Tite Cast Hand Stretch Wrap Films offer several beneficial features for packaging and securing items, particularly in a warehouse or shipping environment. The film is designed to release smoothly from the roll during application. This not only makes the wrapping process more efficient but also contributes to a quieter warehouse environment by reducing noise levels by up to 75%.With a length of up to 1500' and a width of 12", 15" or 18", this stretch film roll provides ample material for wrapping pallets of varying sizes. Plus, it can stretch to 250% of its original length. Because of its high stretch capacity, the film can conform tightly to the shape of the items being wrapped, improving load stability and protection during transit or storage. The film's ultra-clear nature ensures that barcodes, labels, and other important information on packaged items remain legible. This is critical for effective inventory management, tracking, and scanning. With a gauge thickness of 65 to 120, the film is suitable for loads weighing up to 2,500 lbs.

Product Details

  • Quiet cast film.
  • Stiff and strong.
  • Good puncture resistance.
  • Made in USA.

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Item Specifications

  • Product Type: Stretch Wrap Film
  • Gauge: 65 - 120
  • Sizes: Choose Above
  • Quantity: 4 Rolls/Case

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