A4 Size 20lb Velobind 11 Hole Pre-Punched Binding Paper - 5000 Sheets

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Item# MYV11A4PP20CS
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Enhance productivity and reduce system wear by using this high-quality A4 Size 20lb Velobind 11 Hole Pre-Punched Binding Paper. Our A4 Size 20lb Velobind 11 Hole Pre-Punched Binding Paper is ideal for large jobs that need to be finished quickly. This binding paper is punched just a few sheets at a time in order to ensure that the sheets won't stick together and will freely run through your photocopier or printer.

Product Details

  • Paper Size: A4 Size
  • Punching Style: Velobind 11 Hole Punched
  • Hole Shape: Round
  • Compatibility: 11 Pin Veobind, 4 Pin Velobind, 6 Pin Velobind
  • Paper Weight: 20lb
  • Quantity: 5000 Sheets

Demonstration Video

Custom Paper and Binding Covers Pre-Punched Overview

Transcript: Welcome to MyBinding video. Here at MyBinding.com, we sell a lot of equipment and supplies. We also do a lot custom work for our clients. If you need paper or covers or anything cut or punched in a certain way, we can do that for you so you don't have to. We've got a great production team that does all kinds of work. We pack it, wrap it for you, send it your way and you have what you need making your life and business easier. When image matters, MyBinding.