GBC Velobind Strip Binding Machines
When we talk about strip binding we are specifically referring to GBC Velobind and Surebind. Both systems use a thin plastic strip with pins to bind the edge of documents together. In most cases this is accomplished through a technology called "Hot Knife" which cuts off the excess length of the pins and welds the plastic into place. However, there are some Velobind units that use reclosable strips that are editable and the pins simply bend over and snap into place. Either way, these strip binding systems are available for any size application (from personal to industrial) and are produced by the most trusted name in the binding industry. Check out the machines below and feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

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  1. GBC VeloBind Debinder Tool - 7705047

    • Ideal for on-the-go editing
    • Manual method gets results right away
    • Works with both VeloBind and SureBind
    • Safe method to edit heat-sealed VeloBind documents
    Part #: 7705047


  2. GBC Electric VeloBind Punch V110e Binding Machine

    • Easy push-button punching for enhanced productivity (24 sheets)
    • Compatible with GBC EVB Reclosable 4 Pin Velobind Strips
    • 200 sheet binding capacity
    • 24 sheet punch capacity
    Part #: 7704260


  3. GBC V800pro Velobind System One Binding Machine - 9707023

    • Designed for low to moderate volume users
    • Pressure bar firmly holds the document
    • 220 sheet binding capacity
    • 20 sheet punch capacity
    Part #: 9707023


  4. GBC VeloBind System Two Binding Machine - 9707030

    • Made to be a desktop system for moderate users
    • Ensures secure binding options
    • Will bind documents up to 2" thick
    • 22 sheet punch capacity
    Part #: 9707030


  5. GBC SureBind System Three Pro Binding Machine - 9707103

    • Ideal for frequent usage on large projects
    • Bind speed indicator adjusts speed to document thickness
    • Integrated debind feature allows for easy editing
    • 22 sheet punch capacity
    Part #: 9707103


  6. System 3 Pro GBC VeloBind Binding Machine - 9707102

    • Designed for moderate to high volume users
    • VeloBind style of binding ensures secure binding
    • Will bind documents up to 3" thick
    • 22 sheet punch capacity
    Part #: 9707102


  7. GBC VeloBind System Four Binding Machine- 9707027

    • Ideal for commercial sites that want maximum versatility and productivity
    • Can create assembly line binding
    • Will bind documents up to 3" thick
    • 12 second binding cycle
    Part #: 9707027


7 Items

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