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Intimus Cardboard Paper Shredders

We all could use a lower overhead cost. How much do you spend each year on quality packing materials? The Intimus line of cardboard shredders is designed to recycle your unusable or unneeded cardboard by cutting it down and perforating it to a mesh, rendering it high quality packing material. These machines are ideal for distribution centers, warehouses, or any other setting that requires loads of cardboard. Complete with an excellent warranty this line is high quality and built to last. Intimus machines are also extremely safe, loaded with safety features and user options. To inquire further about set ups, delivery, or a quote, please contact us!
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  1. Intimus PacMaster S 220v Cardboard Shredder Image 1

    Intimus PacMaster S 220v Cardboard Shredder

    Intimus PacMaster S 220v Cardboard Shredder Image 1
    • Lockable main switch also acts as an emergency stop
    • Rotary knobs controls On/Off and reverse functions
    • Built-in cutter to cut your boxes down to size
    • Optional vacuum kit available

    Your Price: $5,566.16

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