Logan Graphic Framing Tools
Designed for picture framers, the Logan Graphics Framing Tools are practical, high quality, and affordable. We carry a varied selection of accessories and equipment, to suit a wide range of requirements. The F60 Dust Cover Trimmer can be used either left or right handed and comes with a 270 Logan blade. The 500-2 Dual Drive Elite secures artwork to glass or wood frames and can use either flexible or rigid inserts, while the F300-2 Pro Joiner is compatible with both hard and soft wood and provides professional results. Looking for a convenient kit? We carry a frame backing and a frame finishing kit, both available at a fantastic price!

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  1. Logan Rigid Point Strips for F500-2 Dual Drive Elite

    • These points are for permanent installation of artwork in a frame
    • Fits logan dual driver models f500-1, f500-2.
    • Rigid point refill.
    • Includes 600 or 2500 points per pack.

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  2. Logan Flexible Point Strips for F500-2 Dual Drive Elite

    • These points can be bent back after being inserted into the frame for easy changing of frame contents.
    • Fits logan dual driver models f500-1, f500-2.
    • Flexipoint refill.
    • Includes 600 or 2500 points per pack.

    Starting At: $5.84

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  3. Logan F300-1 Picture Framing Studio Joiner

    • Drives all V-Nail sizes on a magnetic v-nail holder.
    • Quick depth adjustment.
    • Can be used on hard or soft wood.
    • Clamp will accept moulding up to 2 1/2" (6cm) width.
    Part #: LGNF300-1


  4. Logan F500-2 Picture Framing Dual Drive Elite

    • Works with rigid AND flex point inserts.
    • Easily secure glass & artwork into wood frame.
    • Working like a common staple gun.
    • Drives either rigid or flexible inserts.
    Part #: LGNF500-2


  5. Logan F300-2 Picture Framing Pro Joiner

    • V-Nail alignment pins.
    • A djustable v-nail spacing guide and settings.
    • rives all v-nail sizes and can be used for stacking v-nails.
    • Can be used on hard or soft wood.
    Part #: LGNF300-2


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  6. Logan F500-3 Deluxe Frame Finishing Kit

    • Secure the artwork and backing into the frame with the Dual Drive Elite.
    • Apply the dust cover paper using the supplied paper and ATG tape.
    • Trim the excess with the Dust Cover Trimmer.
    • Install the d-rings.
    Part #: LGNF500-3


  7. Logan F60 Picture Framing Dust Cover Trimmer

    • Uses Logan blade #270.
    • Used either left or right handed.
    • Features a safety blade cover when not in use.
    • Precisely trim the paper approximately 3/16" (5mm) from the outside edge.
    Part #: LGNF60


  8. Logan F200-2 10" Precision Sander Elite

    • Features a 10" (25.4cm) sanding wheel.
    • Moulding profile capacity up to 3 1/2" (8.9cm).
    • Includes balanced wheel with sanding disk.
    • Sturdy base plate and adjustable micro-stops.
    Part #: LGNF200-2


  9. Logan F400-1 Picture Framing Fitting Tool

    • Unique rotating head design drives four different inserts.
    • No slipping or bending.
    • Drives inserts into moulding up to 2 1/2" (6cm).
    • Uses inserts F9, F10, F11 and standard brad nails.
    Part #: LGNF400-1


  10. Logan F502 Frame Backing Kit

    • Includes: 30' x 30" Roll of Dust Cover Paper, 20' of 43lb coated picture framing wire, 6 pcs Saw Tooth Hanger, 24 pcs felt bumpers, 24 pcs D-Rings with screws, one roll 36yd ATG tape, F60 LOGAN Dust Cover Trimmer with two pcs #270 blade and Fully Illustra
    • Use the ATG tape to apply dust cover paper to the back of the frame.
    • Professionally trim it to size using the F60 Dust Cover Trimmer.
    • Install saw tooth hanger or D-rings with screws provided.
    Part #: LGNF502


  11. Logan F500-4 Air-Matic Dual Drive Point Driver

    • Designed to quickly drive either rigid or flexible points pneumatically using a common air compressor at 52 psi.
    • Used in picture framing for securing glazing, mounted art and backing material into wood frame moulding.
    • Fast repeat firing for high production framing.
    • Approximately 300 point magazine capacity.
    Part #: F500-4


  12. Logan F602 Frame Shop in a Box

    • Framing kit for artists, photographers and home framers
    • Allow you to cut, sand, join and finish your own wood moulding frames in a professional way
    • Save you money over having it done professionally
    • Include 6 Items
    Part #: LOGAN-F602


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  13. Logan F300-4 Picture Framing Hobby Joiner

    • Recommended for use on soft wood moulding only.
    • Requires hammer to drive v-nails (hammer not included).
    • Includes the F49 Clamp.
    • 4 oz. bottle of wood glue.
    Part #: LGNF300-4


13 Items

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