OLFA Knives and Cutters

If you're looking for a high quality and durable cutter, you can't go wrong with the Olfa products! This leading manufacturer has been producing blades and cutters since 1956, so you can rest assured that your new blade will rise to even the highest expectations. We carry several designs, to suit a vast range of requirements. Select between the standard cutter with the iconic snap-off blade (introduced by Olfa), the heavy duty knife, the 45mm rotary cutter with a straight handle, or the deluxe cutter with an ergonomic handle. These cutters are made with an eye-catching yellow and black palette and you can order them at an amazing price!

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  1. Olfa SK-7 Compact Self-Retracting Safety Knife

    • Spring-activated blade self-retracts.
    • Symmetrically shaped, high-impact ABS handle.
    • Stainless steel blade channel.
    • No tool blade change.
    Part #: OLF-SK7


  2. OLFA Model 180 Metal Body Slide-Lock Utility Knife With Blade Snapper

    • Slide mechanism.
    • Metal body.
    • No tool blade change.
    • Pocket Clip and blade snapper.
    Part #: OLF-180


  3. OLFA XH-1 25mm Extra Heavy-Duty Fiberglass Utility Knife

    • Fiberglass-reinforced body
    • Ratchet-lock blade slider
    • Ergonomic wraparound anti-slip rubber grip
    • Ideal for cutting nylon, rope, high-pressure laminates, flexible plastics, expansion board, gasket materials, and more
    Part #: XH1


  4. OLFA SVR-1 9mm Stainless Steel Slide-lock Precision Knife

    • Ideal for moist environments where rust or chemical exposure are a concern.
    • Featured with a slide-lock, built-in pocket clip/blade snapper, and a slim design
    • Heavy-gauge stainless steel blade channel firmly secures the blade in place during cutting.
    • Great for cutting through packaging, vinyl, shrink wrap, caulking, foam board, and other materials.
    Part #: SVR1


  5. OLFA RTY-2/G 45mm Straight Handle Rotary Cutter

    • Features a blade safety cover.
    • Handle is designed to reduce hand fatigue.
    • Cutter is a rolling razor blade used to cut a variety of materials into shapes, strips and pieces.
    • Accommodates both right- and left-handed users.
    Part #: OLF-RTY2G


  6. OLFA XA-1 9mm Fiberglass-Reinforced Precision Knife

    • Fiberglass-reinforced handle
    • Pocket clip with built-in blade snapper tool
    • Ergonomic wraparound anti-slip rubber grip
    • Ideal for cutting vinyl, window film, and wallpaper, shrink wrap, caulking, foam board or other materials.
    Part #: XA1


  7. OLFA PL-1 Multi-Blade Auto-Load Auto-Lock Heavy Duty Cutter With Blade Storage

    • Auto-lock mechanism.
    • High-impact ABS handle.
    • Automatic blade-loading mechanism stores up to five blades.
    • Stainless steel blade channel.
    Part #: OLF-PL1


  8. OLFA RTY-2DX 45mm Deluxe Handle Rotary Cutter

    • Designed cushioned handle provides a comfortable grip
    • Features a dual-action safety lock
    • Closed for safety
    • Can be used right- or left handed
    Part #: OLF-RTY2DX


  9. OLFA RTY-3/G 60mm Straight Handle Rotary Cutter

    • Sharp enough to cut through 8 layers of fabric and difficult materials.
    • Features a durable handle and a blade cover for safety
    • Designed for both right- and left-handed use.
    • Used to cut heavy fabrics into shapes, strips and pieces for sewing, quilting and craft projects.
    Part #: RTY-3/G


  10. Olfa LA-X 18mm Fiberglass-Reinforced Heavy-Duty Utility Knife

    • Fiberglass-reinforced handle
    • Ergonomic wraparound anti-slip rubber grip
    • Multi-purpose metal pick
    • Stainless steel blade channel
    Part #: LA-X


  11. OLFA DL-1 Snap It ‘N’ Trap It Auto-lock Utility Knife

    • Built-in blade snapper and disposal container
    • Storage container holds up to 16 blade segments for on-the-go snapping all day long.
    • High-impact ABS handle
    • Great for cutting construction materials such as drywall, carpet, flooring, and much more
    Part #: DL1


  12. OLFA AK-4 Cushion-Grip Precision Knife

    • Equipped with an anti-slip, cushion-grip handle that gives you added comfort.
    • Perfectly balanced for right hand and left hand users.
    • An anti-roll device is an extra safety feature
    • Blade changes can be made with just a quick spin of the blade holder.
    Part #: AK4


  13. OLFA SAC-1 Stainless Steel Snap-Off Graphics Knife

    • Tool of choice for sign making and graphic artists.
    • 30° angle easily cuts foam board, gator board, coroplast, vinyl and more.
    • Slide-lock mechanism
    • Stainless steel blade channel firmly secures blade
    Part #: SAC1


  14. OLFA CMP-2 Heavy-Duty Compass Circle Cutter

    • Heavy-Duty.
    • Use it to cut circles and half moons.
    • Quickly cuts circles from 3" to 12" in diameter.
    • Cuts drywall, plastics, carpet and more.
    Part #: OLF-CMP2


  15. OLFA CMP-1 Compass Circle Cutter

    • Cuts circles up to 6" in diameter.
    • Extra blade can be stored in handle.
    • Includes 6 OLFA COB-1 blades.
    • Perfect for cutting paper, film, acetates, cardboard and light wood.
    Part #: OLF-CMP1


  16. OLFA NL-AL HandSaver Rubber Grip Auto-Lock Heavy-Duty Cutter

    • Auto-lock mechanism.
    • Hand-saver anti-slip rubber grip and acetone-resistant handle.
    • Stainless steel blade channel.
    • No tool blade change.
    Part #: OLF-NLAL


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