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Therm-O-Type Foil Cutters

Let us face it, cutting foil is no easy task and if you are brave enough to cut it free-style then you might run the risk of uneven sides and that is just frustrating. Here at MyBinding.com we offer an item that is perfect for this task. We offer a foil cutter by Therm-O-Type which is perfectly designed to cut your foil to any size you wish. If the trusted brand name is not enough, perhaps the ability to cut 1000 feet of foil with a perfect cut every time will be enough to convince you. Check it out below.
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  1. Therm-O-Type Foil Cutter Image 1

    Therm-O-Type Foil Cutter

    Therm-O-Type Foil Cutter Image 1
    • Maximum Foil Roll Size: 24" W x 1000' L
    • Power Requirements: 110V
    • Dimensions: 43" L x 13" W x 13" H
    • Weight: 40 lbs

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