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Therm-O-Type Equipment

Therm-O-Type offers a line of equipment and supplies that make it easy to make your own foil embossed projects. All you need is a laser printer and a foil fuser and you can make great looking report covers and more.
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Therm-O-Type makes an awesome line of foil fusing equipment that is designed to making adding foil to important documents, cards or projects easier than ever. These systems use special foils that adhere to toner output from copiers or laser printers. This means that virtually any item that can be printed via a copier can have foil added. Options are available to add multiple colors at once and for high speed output. Plus a convenient foil cutter makes it possible to trim larger rolls of foil to the correct size for your projects. Take a look at the equipment above and if you have questions give our customer service agents a call. We are here to help.