20" - 39" Mat Cutters
Mat cutters come in all sorts of sizes, but here you'll find our smallest cutters. These cutters are great entry cutters, providing affordable prices all to achieve great cuts. If you only work with smaller materials, then why get a more expensive cutter? Get a compact mat cutter for those small projects, and easily move the cutter around, saving you space for the rest of your equipment and materials.

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  1. Logan 24" Team System Plus Mat Cutter - 424-1

    • Size: 24" (61cm)
    • Includes a 302-1 Logan Push Style Bevel Mat Cutter for accurate, high quality mat cutting plus a three depth position mat knife with a slip lock depth.
    • Has a non-slip rubberized base, US or metric ruled straight edge, and a Logan Handheld Mat Cutter.
    • Uses Logan 270 blade.
    Part #: LGN424-1


  2. Compact Classic 32" Mat Cutter from Logan Graphics - 301-1

    • 32" (81.3cm) capacity
    • Bevel cutting head and mat knife for straight cuts
    • Parallel mat guide
    • Spring loaded guide rail
    Part #: 301-1


  3. Compact Elite 32" Mat Cutter from Logan Graphics - 350-1

    • 32" (81.3cm) capacity
    • Bevel and straight cutting heads
    • Parallel mat guide
    • Hinged guide rail with production stops
    Part #: 350-1


3 Items

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