Fastback Black 8.5" x 11" Suede Hard Covers

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Create your own hardcover book in less than a minute with these black suede hard covers from Fastback. These black suede covers have an elegant leather feel that will add sophistication to any book. In addition to size A black suede hard covers, Fastback offers a Hardcover Guide to aid in proper assembly, Foilfast Title Sheets for a unified first impression, and Headbands for that final decorative touch. Check them out today!
*Note that certain styles of Fastback Hard Covers can take between 2-3 weeks to ship. Please call for availability.

Product Details

  • Type: Fastback Suede Hard Cover
  • Color: Black
  • Size: For use with 8.5" x 11" sheets
  • Width: A-E
  • Quantity: 25 per pack

Demonstration Video

How to Use Fastback Hard Covers

Transcript: Welcome to Fastback helps from The Fastback 9 in conjunction with the Fastback hard cover guide allows you to bind a hard bound book. Let's watch it in action step by step. Two main materials are used, a hard bound cover as well as what's called a block. The block is first bound and then glued inside the cover.The first step is to bind the block. This is done the same way as you bind any document with the Fastback 9, the only difference being the project is sandwiched between two end sleeves in the front and the back with your project in the middle. These will then be attached t ...


Spine WidthPart NumberSizeCapacityQuantity
1/4”HJSBA8.5" x 11"60 Sheets25pk
1/2”HJSBB8.5" x 11"120 Sheets25pk
3/4”HJSBC8.5" x 11"180 Sheets25pk
1”HJSBD8.5" x 11"240 Sheets25pk
1-1/4"HJSBE8.5" x 11"300 Sheets25pk