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Formax FD 402TA1 High Capacity Tabletop Air Jogger

Formax FD 402TA1 High Capacity Tabletop Air Jogger

Formax FD 402TA1 High Capacity Tabletop Air Jogger Image 1

Formax FD 402TA1 High Capacity Tabletop Air Jogger

Part #: FD 402TA1
Brand: Formax
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If your print shop or production house is tight on space, consider the FD402TA1 table top air jogger by Formax. This air jogger is a compact powerful model that aligns and dries sheets in a single process, reducing that static electricity, while offering the ability to jog 12" x 18" paper. You control the vibration speed and air pressure that allows press sheets and digital printouts to be air dried immediately. The FD402TA1 can process up to 940 sheets at a time. The V shaped bin lets you crisscross stacked piles of paper and the vertical to horizontal tilt feature keeps large paper stacks from bending. Part number FD402TA1.

Product Details

  • Align, dry and remove static in one step
  • Foot Pedal Control, allowing for two handed loading and unloading.
  • User friendly control panel.
  • Variable speed and air pressure control.
  • Tilting high capacity jog bin.


  • Variable Vibration Speed: Up to 2,500 vpm
  • Variable Air Control: Up to 29,000 rpm
  • Bin Size: 3.75" D x 20.375" W
  • Media Size: 5" x 7" Min


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Questions & Answers
Would you recommend a jogger for glossy paper before printing?
Asked by Paisley H. 1 years and 4 months ago ago
When it comes to printing glossy paper the issues tend to happen after printing and not before. You can usually take the paper directly out of its package or ream and load it into your printer without an issue. However, after it has run through a printer or copier the static electricity can make the sheets difficult to align, punch, bind, cut or finish. This is especially true of glossy stocks. An air jogger is a perfect solution to this type of problem. The air will provide separation between the sheets and the vibration will allow them to become perfectly aligned so that you can finish them with ease.

Answered by MyBinding.com 1 years and 4 months ago ago
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