GBC Heatseal H450 13" Professional Laminator - 1700660
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GBC Heatseal H450 13" Professional Laminator - 1700660

Part #: 1700660
Brand: GBC
  • Laminating Speed: 19.5" per Minute
  • Max Pouch Thickness: 10 mil
  • Number of Rollers: 4
  • Hot or Cold: Both
  • 90 Day Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Price Match Guarantee
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Product Description

The GBC Heatseal H450 (part number 1700660) desktop pouch laminator achieves excellent results with standard or premium pouches. The GBC H450 is one of GBC's most reliable pouch laminators. In fact, laminating documents with the Heatseal 450 is both fast and easy. The H-450 pouch laminator is capable of lamianting documents using all types of GBC Heatseal laminating pouches including credit card, business card, index card, name badge, legal, letter and menu sized Heatseal laminating pouches. The Heatseal H450 will work with laminating pouches as thin as 3mil and as thick at 10mil. Plus, using the H450 is incredibly easy. All you need to do is select the correct size of laminating pouch for your paper, insert the pouch and the material to be laminated into your pouch carrier and run both through the laminator. The digital LCD temperature control makes it simple to choose the correct temperature setting for your materials (there is even a cold setting for laminating materials with selfseal cold laminating pouches. The GBC H450 is capable of superb photo quality lamination for all of your important documents and sales pieces. It's 13" wide throat makes the Heatseal H450 ideal for laminating even the largest documents up to 12" x 18" using full double letter pouches (large menu). The GBC H-450 is compatible with all of the different thicknesses of laminating pouches including 1.5mil economy pouches and 10mil extra rigid pouches. It laminates documents quickly and easily at a speed of 19.5 inches per minute. The Heatseal 450 includes a digital temperature control with a cold setting and an easy to read indicator light to show you when the laminator is ready. With a warmup time of 8-10 minutes, auto shut off and a reverse feature the GBC 450 is one of the most versatile pouch laminators available on the market today. Plus it comes with the backing of the largest binding and laminating company in the world (GBC).

Product Details

  • Photo quality lamination.
  • 13" wide throat for lamination of documents as large as 12" x 18"
  • Compatible with pouches from 1.5mil to 10mil in thickness
  • Laminates Documents at 19.5" per Minute
  • Includes a digital temperature control with cold setting
  • Warm up time is 8-10minutes.
  • Auto shut off to save power.
  • 4 roller design reduces air bubbles and imperfections in the laminate
  • Reverse function helps to remove pouch jams
  • LCD display tells you when the H450 is ready to laminate
  • Perfect for laminating signs, menus, certificates, tags, ID's and Photos
  • Part Number: 1700660 , G1700660, G1700660
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 90 Days Manufacturer's Warranty

Staff Review

GBC Heatseal H450 13" Professional Laminator Review

Are you looking for a professional-grade pouch laminator for your office? Especially one that can handle large documents? If so, you'll want to read all about the GBC HeatSeal H450. This is a very high-quality laminator that probably has just about all the features you could ever want. Here are its many strengths, as well as a mention of its very few weaknesses.


  • The H450 has one of the widest feed openings you'll find in a laminator. It's 13 inches wide and is large enough to accommodate documents that are printed on 12" x 18" paper. Of course it can also laminate smaller items such as those that are letter- and legal-sized (8.5" x 11" and 8.5" x 14" respectively).

  • This machine has both hot and cold settings so you can laminate a wide range of items: photographs, menus, signs, anything containing water-based ink, and more. The temperature is controlled via an LCD display.

  • You can use just about any pouch you want with this device. Laminating pouches range in thickness from 1.5 to 10 mil (a mil is 1/1000th of an inch) and the H450 can handle them all. That way, you'll definitely be able to use the right pouch for whatever it is you're laminating. You can even use pressure-sensitive pouches when doing cold lamination.

  • This machine can process your documents pretty quickly. It has the ability to laminate a 19.5-inch document in one minute, so it will take even less time than that to finish off a letter-sized piece.

  • When you're not using the H450, it will automatically shut itself off. This makes for a safer working environment (no risk of fire) and it keeps the motor in good condition. It will also help you save on electric costs.

  • Pouch jams are annoying, but they do happen. If you run into one, this machine has a reverse mode you can use to get things back on track.

  • You're going to be very pleased with the results you get from this device. It has four rollers to ensure everything is laminated beautifully and is free of heat marks and bubbles.


  • Although the H450 can laminate items rather quickly, it has a very long warm-up time. You can expect it to take 8 to 10 minutes to heat up which is a really long time. (Especially if you're in a hurry.) A light will turn on when you can go ahead and use it.

  • This is one of GBC's less flashy laminators as far as looks go. It lacks the contemporary styling seen on newer models such as the GBC HeatSeal H420. However, this is a much more powerful laminator than some of the other ones, so it's definitely a trade-off.

It's evident that the weaknesses of the GBC HeatSeal H450 are far outweighed by its strengths. While the lengthy warm-up time is a letdown, overall this is a machine that will impress you. From its wide feed opening to its fast laminating time, the H450 is the professional-grade laminator you need.

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