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HSM 411.2 OMDD High Security Paper Shredder
$2,998.62 NewCondition InStock
HSM 411.2 OMDD High Security Paper Shredder

HSM 411.2 OMDD High Security Paper Shredder

Part #: HSM1570
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Brand: HSM

Your Price: $2,998.62

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Your Price: $2,998.62

Retail: $19,533.09

You Save: 85%


The HSM 411.2 is a Level 6 High Security OMDD (Optical Media Destruction Device) Shredder designed for thoroughly destroying CD/DVDs and Credit Cards. The HSM 411.2 OMDD Shredder meets all standards for high security optical data destruction, all with an attractive, compact console with automatic start and stop operation. A 38.5 gallon waste bin, 16" feeding width, and shredding speed of 30 feet a minute, the HSM 411.2 is capable of safely disposing of nearly all optical media and credit cards. Its continuous duty motor with thermal protection ensures easy-to-use all-day shredding. This level six model is D.O.D and NSA approved for top secret shredding, safely destroying sensitive material and confidential data. The HSM 411.2 Level 6 easily shreds CD/DVDs and credit cards into 2.2mm x 4mm particle cut shreds. If you need a shredder with high level security media destruction, check out the HSM 411.2 Level 6 today.
White Glove is inside delivery service of the shredder to the location of your choice and the debris is removed. White Glove service is only guaranteed to the ground level if an elevator is not accessible. White glove only applies within the continental 48 states.

Product Details

  • Made in Germany: All HSM Classic & Securio Models are Made in Germany. Precision Engineering. TAA Compliant.
  • Solid Steel Cutting Cylinders: Cutting Heads are Manufactured from 100% Steel. Maintains High Cutting Capabilities While Using Less Energy. V-groove Technology Ensures Precise Cutting.
  • Anti-Jam Technology with Reverse Function: Prevents Jams When Machine is Overloaded. Increasing Productivity. Saves Unanticipated Repair Costs.
  • High Security EPL Listed: Meets D.O.D. and NSA/CSS 02-01 Mandatory Security Requirements. EPL Listed to Ensure that Sensitive Documents are Destroyed at the Highest Security Level.
  • Continuous Duty Motor: Allows for Continual Shredding with no Down Time. Longer Run Time Resulting in Reduced Labor Cost. Increasing Productivity.
  • TAA Compliant: Machine is manufactured in a country compliant with the Trade Act Agreement.
  • Enclosed Gear Boxes (Chain Driven): Totally Enclosed Gear Box Helps Reduce Noise and Prevents Failure from Dust and Debris Getting into the Gears.


  • Order number: HSM1570
  • EAN Code: 4026631033473
  • Shredder material: CD/DVD and Credit/Store Cards
  • Cutting type: Cross Cut
  • Security level (DIN 66399): O-5 (Old Level 6)
  • Security level (DIN 32757-1): 6
  • Cutting width: 0.086 in
  • Particle length: 0.157 in
  • Intake width: 16 in
  • Container volume: 38.5 gal
  • Cutting capacity: 1 sheets
  • Noise level (idle operation): 68 dB
  • Power consumption of the motor: 2100 W
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Depth: 18.5 in
  • Width: 23.4 in
  • Height: 37 4/5 in
  • Weight: 181 lb
  • Colour: Light Grey
  • Driving power: 2.82 kW
  • Warranty:3 Years Manufacturer Warranty / 1 Year on Cutting Cylinders


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HSM 411.2 OMDD High Security Shredder Review

Confidential information isn't found only on paper anymore. Today, new data as well as older, backed up records can be found on other media, such as CDs and DVDs. In order to safely destroy these items, HSM designed the 411.2 OMDD High Security Shredder. OMDD stands for Optical Media Destruction Device and stays true to its name. Here is a closer look at the strengths and weaknesses of the 411.2 OMDD.


  • Use of this machine is automated just like many of HSM's paper shredders. As you insert a disc or card into the opening, the cutting cylinders begin shredding automatically. After everything is processed, the motor goes back into standby mode, where it idles without consuming energy until another item enters the machine. If materials begin to jam, the blades automatically stop and reverse to help unclog the items. A visual indicator alerts the user to a full shred bag. When the bag is full or the cabinet door is open, power is cut to the motor to prevent accidental injury from hands coming into contact with running blades.

  • The powerful motor is rated for continuous operation. Thermal protection of the engine prevents overheating. These two features allow extended shredding periods without needing a cool down time.

  • Materials enter the machine through a safety flap that prevents shards from flying into your eyes. Solid steel blades process up to 1500 pieces per hour. Each item is particle cut into small parts measuring 2.2mm by 4mm in size. These rate a high level 6 and are NSA approved for top secret destruction. This makes this shredder ideal for military and government use or anywhere else high security is a priority.

  • The tiny shards are deposited into a large 38.5 gallon waste bag. The reusable container sits in a pull-out wire frame for simple removal and replacement. The generous size allows for a reasonable amount of shredding before needing to be emptied, reducing your trips to the trash.

  • HSM guarantees this machine with a one year warranty on the cutting cylinders as well as parts and labor.


  • One nice thing to see on here would be the ability to shred paper. For the convenience of shredding both paper and multiple media types, check out the Formax FD 8702CC Cross Cut Multimedia Office Shredder.

  • Unfortunately, this is not a true multimedia shredder, since it lacks the ability to destroy floppy disks and DAT cartridges. For this ability, we suggest the Intimus Multimedia Particle Cut Shredder.

  • Just like any other large piece of office equipment, this one is fairly heavy. However, there are casters on the bottom for added mobility when you do need to move it.

As you can see, the HSM 411.1 OMDD is excellent for the disposal of compact discs as well as credit cards. Although more varied shredding types would be nice, this would be a great machine for a bank, recording company, or any other business with a large amount of CDs or plastic cards to destroy. It would also work well as a supplement to a paper shredder in a large office. The HSM 411.2 OMDD is a great choice for your next media shredder.

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