Premium 3/8" Hollow Paper Drill Bits (2" Long Style A)

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Item# PD38P-2
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These Lassco Wizer 2" long Style A 3/8" hollow paper drill bits are designed to fit Lassco Wizer Spinnit and Challenge model paper drills to give you the ultimate in paper drilling. Available in a variety of sizes and styles (standard, standard coated, premium, and premium coated), these Style A 2" deep Lassco Wizer 3/8" hollow drill bits make your paper drilling jobs quicker and easier. carries a wide variety of paper drill bits to fit your every need, be sure to check them out today and save. Product number PD38P-2.

Product Details

  • Size (Diameter): 3/8"
  • Bit Description: Premium
  • Length: 2"
  • Designed For: Lassco Wizer Spinnit, Challenge
  • Part Number: PD38P-2

Demonstration Video

Lassco Wizer Hollow Drill Bits Overview

Transcript: Welcome to MyBinding video. So you have a paper drilling machine or thinking about buying one. Well we have lots and lots of paper drill bits for you to choose from. Owning your own paper drill press allows you to punch holes in lots of paper in whatever configuration you?d like including size. We have a large selection lf Lassco Wizer Hollow Drill Bits. Chances are we have your paper drill covered. We carry three different grades: Standard, coated, and premium. Premium allows for more strength and various sizes, and coated makes for smoother spinning. If your machine requires a Styl ...