Intimus Shredder Oil - 16oz Bottle (12pk)
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Intimus Shredder Oil - 16oz Bottle (12pk)

Part #: 9999943
Brand: Intimus
  • Item Number: 9999943
  • Compatible Models: All Martin Yale, Intimus, and Olympia Shredders
  • Size: 16oz Bottle
  • Bottles per Case: 12
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Product Description

Intimus' well known and respected shredders are easily maintained and kept running smooth with the Intimus Shredder oil. Maintaining your shredder with proper oiling will keep your Martin Yale shredders running at optimal performance. This specially formulated oil for Intimus shredders won't leave any residue which could attract dust and clog the shredding mechanism. To properly oil your Martin Yale shredder, simply apply a thin stream of oil directly into the throat of the machine, or pour a small amount of oil onto a sheet of paper and then shred the paper. To properly keep your shredder running at optimal performance, oil it at regular intervals. A Strip Cut shredder being used up to two hours a day will need weekly lubrication, while a Cross Cut shredder should be lubricated after every half hour of use.

Product Details

  • Item Number: 9999943
  • UPC Code: 689233999437
  • Size: 16oz Bottle
  • Bottles per Case: 12
  • Compatible Models: Intimus Shredders

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