MBM Triumph 4250 Electric Paper Cutter
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MBM Triumph 4250 Electric Paper Cutter

Part #: MBM4250-0457
Brand: MBM
  • Cutting Width: 16 7/8"
  • Cutting height: 1 1/2"
  • Narrow cut: 1 3/8"
  • Cutting length behind blade: 15 5/16"
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Product Description

The MBM Triumph 4250 Electric Paper Cutter has a cutting width 16 7/8 Inch, Cutting height 1 1/2 Inch, Narrow cut 1 3/8 Inch, Cutting length behind blade 15 5/16 Inch, Table length in front of blade 9 Inch, Electric blade and clamp drive, Soligen steel blade, Solid steel blade carrier and adjustable blade guides, Automatic clamp, Precision side guide, Spindle-guided back gauge with calibrated crank, Digital display for precise back gauge positioning, Bright, LED optical cutting line, All-metal construction, UL and C UL approved.

Product Details

  • Electric blade and clamp drive.
  • Soligen steel blade.
  • Solid steel blade carrier and adjustable blade guides.
  • Automatic clamp.
  • Precision side guide.
  • Spindle-guided back gauge with calibrated crank.
  • Digital display for precise back gauge positioning.
  • Bright, LED optical cutting line.
  • All-metal construction.
  • Optional stand or cabinet (shown).
  • UL and C UL approved.

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Item Specifications

  • Cutting width: 16 7/8"
  • Cutting height: 1 1/2"
  • Narrow cut: 1 3/8"
  • Cutting length behind blade: 15 5/16"
  • Table length in front of blade: 9"
  • Motor: 3/5 hp
  • Power supply: 115 V, 60 Hz
  • Dimensions (D x W x H): 27 1/4" x 25 1/4" x 14 1/8" (41 1/2" H with stand, 42 1/2" H with cabinet)
  • Shipping weight: 191 lbs. (217 lbs. with stand, 278 lbs. with cabinet)

Staff Review

MBM Triumph 4250 Electric Paper Cutter Review

MBM is well-known for delivering high quality office products.  Their Triumph line of cutters is actually produced by their parent company IDEAL and offers the same superior craftsmanship.  The 4250 Electric Paper Cutter is designed to slice through large volumes of paper swiftly and easily.  With automatic and safety features to provide convenient and safe operation, this is one machine to take a closer look at.  Here are the details.


  • The Safety Cutting System is standard on Triumph cutters.  Two transparent safety guards cover the entrances to the blade.  A main switch and safety lock require a key, preventing unauthorized use of the device.  Electronically controlled two-handed operation keeps your hands busy while the blade is being used.  The blade automatically returns from every position and stops instantly via disc brake.  Both the blade and the cutting stick can be changed without removing the covers and the blade changing device covers the cutting edge so that the sharp surface is never exposed.  Blade depth is adjusted from the outside of the machine.  All these features work together to ensure injury free, safe operation.
  • A digital display provides precise back gauge measurements.  The readout ensures precise positioning.  This machine features a precision side guide with an alternate measuring scale and a bright LED optical cutting line.  The spindle guided back gauge with a calibrated crank allows you to fine tune the position by slowly turning the handle.
  • The knife as well as the clamp are electronically controlled.  The simple push of a button causes the clamp to securely hold the paper while the blade swiftly slices through.
  • The blade and carrier are made out of solid Solingen steel, a high grade German material.  Adjustable blade guides and all metal construction add to the heavy duty sturdiness.  MBM backs this machine with a one year warranty.
  • An optional stand or cabinet offer a convenient storage spot for your cutter.  The cabinet provides extra space for future or finished cutting jobs.
  • A stack 1.5″ thick can be sliced at once.  Paper can be as wide as 16-7/8″ and slice as narrow as 1-3/8″.  Length is up to you but the table stretches out 15-5/16″ behind the blade and 9″ in front.


  • While this machine is electric, it doesn’t offer programmable settings.  Manual adjustments aren’t hard to accomplish and still provide precise cutting.  However, if you’d prefer a device that can be programmed to your specifications, we suggest the 4810EP.
  • A 1.5″ stack is fairly thick to cut through.  But companies with extremely high volumes of items to cut through may want something more substantial.  The next model up, 4810D, can accommodate up to a 3″ thick pile as well as a two inch wider cutting width.
  • By itself, this device weighs 191lbs, more with the optional stand or cabinet.  Since neither have casters, you will need to use a dolly to move it around if needed.

Overall, the MBM Triumph 4250 is a high quality, heavy duty cutter perfect for any high production company needing a paper cutter.  Abundant safety features will keep your office injury free while still providing a convenient and efficient machine.  We think the 4250 is an excellent addition to any large business.

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