Pro-Lam 44" Wide Format Heated Roll Laminator - PL-244WF
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Pro-Lam 44" Wide Format Heated Roll Laminator - PL-244WF

Part #: PL-244WF
Brand: Pro-Lam
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  • Ultra Duty Welded Steel Stand Standard
  • Laminating Speed: 7' per Minute
  • Max Film Thickness: 10 mil
  • Hot or Cold: Both
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  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Price Match Guarantee
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Product Description

At last, a superb quality US made laminator to bridge the gap between "toys" and expensive entry level commercial machines. This wide format 44" laminator is capable of running all thermal laminating films through 10 mil and is capable of laminating at speeds up to 8 FPM and can mount a wide variety of substrates as thick as 3/16". With a warm up of about 5 minutes the machine may be simply turned on when you need it, which translates into very significant annual energy savings. The included accessories on this machine, which are more orientated for a small to medium print shop or high performance laminating, include 3" supply mandrels, and welded steel stand. Our exclusive micro-adjustable slitters are available as an option for larger jobs. For the unusual situation where it is necessary to make multiple laminations side by side additional feed guides are also available as an option. This laminator is perfectly suited for applying, hot (thermal) laminates or with our optional liner take up assembly it is capable of applying cold (pressure sensitive laminates) as well. Due to the superior heat replacement characteristics of our exclusive patented Revolution Series heated roll system, the PL 244wf is particularly suited to simultaneous mounting and laminating on heat activated adhesive foam board. While providing the superior scratch and stretch free finish inherent with our heated roll technology, the bond is so aggressive that any attempt to peel off laminated material will result in total destruction of the foam board. If you are in the market for a machine with a 44" wide format capability, ease of operation and superior finish results at a reasonable price, this is the laminating machine for you. The standard PL-244wf package includes a stand, and 3" mandrels. There are several options available for this machine such as, additional mandrels, wheels for the stand, core stops for rapid film changing, slitters, additional slitters, release liner winder and additional feed guides.

Product Details

  • 44" Wide Format Lamination
  • Patented Rollers, Warm Up 5 min.
  • Laminates all film grades -10.0 mil 1 side or 2
  • Lightening Quick, Sustainable Thermal Response
  • Variable Speed Control, Reversible
  • Laminates/Mounts Thru 3/16" Thick
  • Affordable Price and Considerable Energy Savings
  • 12"dia.+ Film Roll Capacity
  • Digital Temperature Read Out + Control
  • Three Cooling Fans
  • Ultra Duty Welded Steel Stand Standard
  • 3" Mandrels Standard
  • The Industry's Most Affordable Professional Grade Wide Format Laminating Machinery
  • 90 Days on Rollers & Electrical Parts
  • One Year on Workmanship of Machine

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Item Specifications

  • Max. Laminating Width: 44 in.
  • Sustained Lamination Speed: 1.2 Mil at 230°F = 7 ft. per min. and 3 Mil at 250°F = 5 ft. per min.
  • Max. Film Thickness: 10 Mil
  • Core Size: 3 in. Core
  • Max. Substrate Thickness: 3/16 in. (.1875)
  • Warm-Up Time: About 6 min.
  • Max. Film Roll Diameter: (1.5 Mil) 11 in. with stand and 6 in. without stand
  • Gapable Rollers: Yes/Front heat and rear pull rollers
  • Temperature Control: Solid State - Digital Readout 2 degree hysteresis
  • Motor/Speed Control: DC High Torque Gear Motor / Solid State Variable, Both Air Cooled
  • Heated Roll Watts: 2400 ea. (4800 combined), X BTU's
  • Electrical Requirements: 240 Volt/60 Hz/2800 watts/30 Amps Dedicated Circuit
  • Dimensions: 55 in. W x 20 in. D x 16 in. H without stand and 55 in. W x 20 in. D x 40 in. H with stand
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty / 90 Days on Electrical Parts and Rubber Rollers

Staff Review

Pro-Lam PL-244WF 44" Wide-Format Roll Laminator Review

A wide-format laminator is great for any business or organization that produces large visual displays. One device that's worth a look is the Pro-Lam PL-244WF 44" Wide-Format Roll Laminator. Here are its strengths and weaknesses for your consideration.


  • The PL-244WF has a feed opening that's 44 inches wide. This is a wide-format laminator that's perfect for banners, posters, retail displays, and other large projects. It can also be used for smaller items if you want.

  • This machine is compatible with laminating film that's up to 10 mil thick. Thicker film will protect your documents more, so it's great that this device can handle thick film. You can use both single- and double-sided laminate with it as well as mounting boards that are no thicker than 3/16". The machine's gapable rollers make it possible for you to use the boards.

  • The PL-244WF warms up quickly. It will be ready for use less than 5 minutes after you turn it on. Once it's ready to go, you can take advantage of its variable speed setting. The highest speed setting available if 7 feet per minute, so this is a really fast product.

  • You can use this laminator with or without a stand. If you choose to use it, you can use rolls of film that are 11 inches in diameter. If you don't use it, you can only use rolls that are 6" wide. And yes, the stand comes with this device. It's made out of steel and is durable.

  • The PL-244WF is equipped with a digital temperature readout. This helps make the device easy to use. Also, this product has a reverse mode that can help you out if you ever experience a jam.

  • If you want a durable laminator, the PL-244F is a good choice. This is a well-constructed machine that can withstand frequent laminating.


  • The PL-244WF is extremely large so it's not a good device for small work areas. This item measures 55" (width) x 20" (depth) x 40" (height) so it's definitely going to take up a fair amount of room. (Note: these dimensions are for when the laminator is placed on its included stand. Without the stand, the device measures 55" x 20" x 16".)

  • To do cold lamination with this machine, you need an optional liner take-up. It would be nice if a cold lamination feature was part of this device.

  • The PL-244's rollers are covered by a brief three-month warranty. The rest of the device has a one-year warranty.

Overall, the Pro-Lam PL-244WF is worth a look if you're in the market for a wide-format laminator. This machine is perfect for all of your large projects thanks to its 44-inch laminating width. Due to this unit's ability to handle mounting boards, you'll be able to create professional-looking visual aids for a variety of uses. It's great that this machine is compatible with laminating films of different thicknesses and that it has a short warm-up. You'll find that this equipment is easy to use and that it's durable enough for frequent use. While it would be nice if this item could do cold lamination by itself, the PL-244WF is a device you should consider getting if you need a wide-format laminator.

Other Details


The PL-244wf 44" Wide format laminator is designed specifically for those looking for a high performance commercial quality laminator at an affordable price. The PL-244wf is a carefully designed and appointed commercial laminating system capable of consistently rendering professional performance and superb finish quality. The PL244 wide format laminator is designed specifically for the intense task of mounting and laminating large or wide format digital output, Utilizing films as thick as 10 mil. The PL-244wf laminates polyester, nylon, polypropylene, vinyl, and plastic films . The PL-244wf includes a stand, and 3" mandrels. The standard model PL-244wf laminator is manufactured solely as a 240 volt (208-240 volt) model. This machine is not available as a 120 volt model, If a 120 volt wide format laminator is needed the PL-238wf is available by special order. Accessories such as slitters, extra slitter heads, stand wheels, liner take-up winder and extra mandrels are available to meet the special needs of some customers.

Warm Up Time:

The warm up time of a laminator is indicative of its ability to replace heat in the laminating cycle. Laminate and the material being laminated draws heat away from the rollers. A fast warm up time equates to higher and more predictable performance levels. Rapid and accurate thermal response and controllability is necessary for the best possible finish and maximum yield. It also makes the operators job much easier. The PL244 is capable of maintaining a temperature range of just a couple of degrees from set point. Few if any machines in or even near the price range of the PL-244wf are capable of coming close to this temperature accuracy. Having to guess what an unstable temperature control system is going to do next is extremely difficult to predict, resulting in a poor quality finished product due to over and under heating. Most laminators in this category take at least 15 minutes to warm up, some even longer. This is one of the reasons why it is so difficult to find the rated warm-up time for competitive models actually published, we publish this with pride In fact we know of no other laminator in any class that comes close to our exclusive heated roll technology A lengthy warm up time often results in machines being energized all day long.

Film Capabilities:

The PL-244wf is a 44" wide format laminator capable of laminating films less than 1 mil thick thru 10 mils. This laminator can laminate both thermal and pressure sensitive films (cold). This wide format laminator as well as all PLS laminators are capable of laminating polyester, polypropylene, nylon, vinyl, and even less common materials. Many laminating professionals and even some laminating film manufacturers have a common comment; "If it can't be laminated on a PLS machine, it can't be laminated." There are three laminating processes. Two-sided (encapsulation), one-side laminating, and mounting and/or laminating. All Pro-Lam machines are capable of doing these processes with equal perfection. In addition to this these machines are often utilized in, what some think of as unusual applications such as masking, cold lamination, and multiple simultaneous laminations. Our machines are the most accommodating in their ability to laminate a myriad of substrates using a seemingly endless array of films, however, some substrates have a coating that renders lamination either difficult or impossible. For these difficult applications we will be happy to help you find solutions to your lamination needs. Our technical department can advise you on substrate/film combinations that are known to work well. If you have applications that we are not familiar with, we can test them for you.

Thermal Response:

Considering thermal response characteristics, Pro-Lam heated roll laminators are possibly the fastest laminators in existence. This makes these laminators incomparable to others near and beyond the price range.

Motor Control:

Every Pro-Lam Laminator is equipped with an American made, high torque DC gear reduction motor and an infinitely variable solid state motor controller, both of which are heat sinked, air cooled, and feature electronic reverse. The drive train includes hardened steel gears, sprockets and drive chain. This robust industrial configuration is common to all Pro-Lam laminators. We do not utilize plastic drive components, cheap AC motors , or integrated electronics. We are dedicated to producing state of the art, industrial quality equipment at affordable prices. Accountants are not part of our engineering group!!


The PL-244 Laminator is particularly suited for simultaneous mounting and laminating, on a myriad of substrates utilizing heat activated adhesives or encapsulating wide format digital output. This 44" wide format laminator is capable of laminating and mounting on one side or two using 1 mil through 10 mil films on materials up to 3/16" thick. Because of the unique thermal response of our laminating rollers all PLS laminators are perfectly suited for mounting or laminating, short runs or long. This unique and capable thermal response is only one of the features that set this 44" wide format laminator apart from the rest that use heated rollers. Many other heated roll laminators and heat shoe laminators utilize antiquated technology that "runs out" of heat after a few turns of the rollers, sometimes only a couple of feet, rendering successful lamination impossible. Due to the great amount of heat required for simultaneous mounting and laminating on foam board and heat activated foam board these thermal capabilities are absolutely essential. Technically, when using a heat shoe laminator to mount to foam board it is necessary for the laminating film to "carry" the heat to the board. This process, as well as all laminating processes, follows simple thermodynamic laws. It will take the same amount of btu's to laminate any given project regardless of the laminator used (some just waste more btu's). Since the heat source of a heat shoe laminator (heat shoes) does not actually contact the board, the operator must intentionally severely overheat the film so that the film can carry the enormous amount of heat that is required for a successful lamination of the board at the nip rollers. The thinner the film the hotter and more difficult or impossible the process will be.

Film Capacity:

The film roll capacity of the Pro-Lam laminators is often described as "huge". The standard roll diameter is about 11" on a laminator with slitters and stand. Without slitters, the capacity is approximately 12". Lower mandrel capacity is 22" when used with a stand. When a laminator is sold as a table top model (without stand) its film capacity is about 6", due to the placement of the lower film roll under the feed table. If only one sided lamination is desired the upper position of a table top model is 11" dia. roll of film . Keep in mind when ordering film that a large film roll may weigh a considerable amount.

Temperature Control:

Every Pro-Lam laminator features a digital display, a solid-state temperature control, and solid state relay that is isolated, heat sinked and air cooled. In conjunction with a temperature sensor that is located just below the surface of our laminating rollers these components are capable of a temperature hysteresis within several degrees. Don't let the simplicity of the control knob on our machines fool you. We use an analog input for our digital temperature control interface, this provides even casual operators a certain "feel" that is often associated with their stove at home. The truth is, the operation is just that simple. The digital display indicates the temperature of the laminating surface. This provides important feedback to the operator and is accurate to within 1 degree.


Laminating film cooling on the PL-244wf wide format laminator is achieved with three high performance 110 cfm axial fans. Cooling fans allow higher process speeds and provide for a better laminate finish. These four cooling fans provide adequate cooling for even the most difficult jobs. The PL-244wf and all other Series II Laminators provide cooling for all critical electronic components utilizing these cooling fans. This practice is common in all high quality industrial equipment designs.


The Pl-244wf Laminator is supplied with 3" mandrels. Other mandrel sizes are available by special order only. PLS inc. strongly recommends 3" mandrels. Keep in mind the film roll capacity of this laminator is about 11" this would weigh a considerable amount and will require 2 people to lift it.

Questions & Answers

Thank you for your question. The Pro-Lam 44" Wide Format Heated Roll Laminator will use laminate that is on a 3" core with the 3" Mandrels that come standard with the machine. You are able to order a 1" mandrel for the machine as a additional part.

Answered by MyBinding
5 years and 10 months ago ago

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