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Proton DataDefender ATS Audit Tracking System

Proton DataDefender ATS Audit Tracking System

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Proton DataDefender ATS Audit Tracking System

Brand: Proton
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This Proton DataDefender ATS Audit Tracking System is designed to scan your hard drive serial numbers and log them into a report for audit purposes. It is a barcode scanner and custom audit report which automatically logs the HDD serial number, time/ date, user, etc in a tamper-proof report. Using the DataDefender is very easy. Simply plug the scanner into the USB port on your computer and run the software. Then, scan the bar code on your hard drive before destroying them and all necessary information will immediately populate on your computer screen. With Proton DataDefender ATS Audit Tracking System, you can keep an up to date audit on all destroyed drives so you never have to worry about lost or missing hard drives again.

Product Details

  • Simply login , scan your hard drive serial number, and IMMEDIATELY populate the report with all necessary information.
  • Runs on a computer, laptop or tablet without requiring expensive third party hardware.
  • Reference destruction history for every data storage device processed, regardless of the Proton model.
  • Duplicate detection visually highlights any redundancies in destruction records.
  • NO memory storage limitations so UNLIMITED records can be maintained.
  • Rapid search function allows for immediate location of data in any field.
  • Tamper-resistant, self-locking database prevents information from being modified or erased.
  • Designed so you can continue using DataDefender ATS even if you upgrade your Proton equipment in the future.
  • Comments field provides for optional information entry to further customize tracking.
  • Unlimited number of users can contribute to the same project for collaborative destruction 8/16.


  • Dimensions: 6" H x 2.5" W x 3.34" D
  • Scan Technology: Laser
  • Color: White


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