HIX SwingMan 25 EVO Manual Swing-A-Way Press with 16" x 20" Platen & Accessories
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HIX SwingMan 25 EVO Manual Swing-A-Way Press with 16" x 20" Platen & Accessories

Brand: HIX
  • Totally integrated digital time and temperature.
  • Accepts setups up to 1.75" thick.
  • TL Listed.
  • Lifetime warranty on the heater element and a one-year warranty on other parts of the press.
  • Oversize / Truck shipping
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HIX SwingMan 25 EVO Digital Swing Away Press 04HIXSWING25
HIX 15"x15" PTFE Transfer Sheet 04HIXTFSHT1515
HIX 16"x20" PTFE Transfer Sheet 04HIXTFSHT1620
HIX 20"x25" PTFE Pad Protector Deluxe (SwingMan 25) 04HIXPROT2025
HIX 20"x25" - 1/2" Thick Premier Series Pad Replacement Kit (SwingMan 25) 04HIXREPKIT2025
HIX 20"x25" - 1/2" Thick EVO Series Pad Replacement Kit (SwingMan 25) 04HIXREPKITE2025

Product Description

Go for it! Apply an astounding 1200 lbs of downward force and transfer images in excess of 19" x 24" in one pressing. The HIX SwingMan 25 features a huge 20" x 25" swing-away heat platen that meets the needs of any commercial textile or sublimation business. The SwingMan 25 is perfect for applying oversized designs on the full front of a shirt It will also be able to accomplish jobs such as applying reflective stripping or names to 3XL and 4XL shirts in one pressing. You can even press an 18? x 24? ceramic tile mural in one cycle, saving you time and money. With repeatable print gap settings up to a maximum of 1-3/4’ thick, the SwingMan 25 is also adequate for tiles, plaques, garments, and 3-D items.

Product Details

  • Totally integrated digital time and temperature. Turn the heat press on and easily set the temperature (with the press open) on the integrated touch-screen controller. When the press reaches the pre-set temperature (max is 450º), it maintains this value within +/- 2º. Next, set cycle time. When you close the press, the timer will start its countdown. When it reaches "0," the buzzer will sound. Lifting the upper platen will automatically reset the timer. Note: The press will display its current temperature between cycles.
  • The SwingMan swing-away design not only ensures that the heat is always away your face, but also that there is no danger of accidentally running your hands up into a very hot heater block (as there may be with a clamshell press).
  • The SwingMan 25 has the ability to achieve very even pressure on large, thick items or multiple small, thick items because all pressure is exerted perpendicularly onto the lower platen when the press is closed. Upon opening, the heater block lifts straight up and is then swung to the right. The procedure is reversed when closing. Using the convenient swing-arm, the heater block is swung back left (an internal stop positions it over the lower platen). It is then ready to close. It should be noted that the swing requires very little effort to maneuver.
  • The press accepts setups up to 1.75" thick. This is a very desirable benefit for those shops that want to truly maximize the potential of their press operations. The SwingMan 25 presses tiles, plaques, really thick jackets, sublimatable awards, etc.
  • ETL Listed. The Electrical Testing Laboratory (ETL) listing for manufacturers is similar to the UL (Underwriters Laboratory) listing for household appliances. The ETL Listed Mark is issued to products that have met the requirements of product safety standards in the US and Canada for residential and commercial use. On a practical basis, this means that all components, wiring, connections, and construction meet a pre-described set of specifications as outlined in that standard. This means that the press is safe in your home or business.
  • Lifetime manufacturer's warranty on the heater element and a one-year manufacturer's warranty on other parts of the press.

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