Xyron 1255 Two Sided Standard Laminating Cartridge 150' - DL1251-150

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Item# DL1251-150
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This cartridge is designed specifically for use with your Xyron 1255 Professional cold process laminator. A number of cartridges are available for the Xyron 1255 Pro laminator including cartridges for 2 sided lamination, permanent adhesive application, repositionable adhesive application and one sided lamination with adhesive backing. These cartridges are easy to insert, and even easier to use. No heat, electricity or batteries are required. The wide variety of options available for the Xyron 1255 make it ideal for creating mock-ups, story boards, hard cover books and more. Choose the cartridge that best fits your application.

Product Details

  • Cartridge Type: Two Sided Standard Laminate
  • Length: 150'
  • No heat, electricity or batteries required.
  • Part Number: DL1251-150

Demonstration Video

Two Sided Laminating Cartridge For The Xyron 1255 Overview

Transcript: Welcome to MyBinding video. This is the two sided laminating cartridge for the Xyron 1255. Let’s watch it in play so you know what you’re buying. The part number is DL 1251-150. The 150 stands for 150 feet of material. When your cartridge is loaded and primed, you can begin working. When complete, your projects will be laminated on both sides with clear plastic. With a pair of scissors or paper trimmer, you’ll need to trim the excess lamination. The laminator does have a razor blade on the back to detach it from the roll. This is permanent lamination to preserve your documents and photos. For ...