Black 8.5" Fastback Super Strips
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Black 8.5" Fastback Super Strips

Brand: Powis Parker
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  • Jet black Super Strips
  • Length: 8.5"
  • Widths; Narrow (capacity: 1/2" 10 - 125 sheets) Medium (1/2" - 1" 126-250 sheets) Wide (1" - 1-1/2" sheets)
  • Designed to work with Powis Fastback systems and printers.
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Product Description

These Black 8.5" Fastback Super Strips bind books and documents with speed, strength, and versatility. The black Super Strips are designed to work with the Fastback binding machines and printers. These black strips are the ideal choice for foil printing spine titles with the PowisPrinter or for making hard cover books. Fastback Super Strips are available in narrow, medium and wide lengths as well as an assortment of different colors.

Product Details

  • Strip Type: Fastback Super Strips
  • Length:8.5"
  • Color: Black
  • Width: Narrow, Medium, or Wide
  • Capacity:10 - 350 pages depending on width
  • Quantity:1 Box (100 Strips)

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Sizing Guide

LengthPart NumberWidthCapacity
8.5"N001Narrow10-125 pages (1/2")
8.5"M001Medium126-250 pages (1/2"-1")
8.5"W001Wide251-350 pages (1"-1.5")

Questions & Answers

Only the LX Strips will work for the Fastback 9, they are only available in the 11" size.

Answered by MyBinding
2 years and 4 months ago ago
Thank you for your question. The FastBack strips are designed to work specifically with the FastBack system. The Fellowes Helios 60 will only work with Thermal Binding covers. You are able to make custom covers that a full "wrap around " cover , where the front, spine and back are part of a single piece. With those custom covers you would use a Thermal Binding Glue strip ( part# BIADSTRIP11 ) on the inside of the cover.

Answered by MyBinding
5 years and 5 months ago ago

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