Graphic Whizard CreaseMaster PT-MCP Manual Scoring Machine

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Item# GW-MCP
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The PT-MCP is a tabletop impact creasing and perfing machine that provides a simple economical solution for low volume or occasional creasing/perfing jobs. It creases and perforates on any angle up to 90 Degrees with a simple manual adjustment of perf, narrow or wide crease. The CreaseMaster is designed with the digital marketplace in mind. The system impact scores materials prior to folding, eliminating the problem of toner cracking on digitally printed stock. Traditionally printed stock that exhibits cracking problems will also benefit from an impact score before folding, ensuring a professional finish. Solid construction gives years of reliable performance. Comes with a crease and a perf die.

Product Details

  • Channel crease die system to eliminate cracking.
  • Easy to use handle operation.
  • Simple switch from creasing to perfing.
  • Adjustable backstops for accuracy.
  • Built in ruler for accurate size adjustments.
  • High quality "burr-free" perf.
  • Quick set up time.
  • Small footprint.
  • Optional crease widths to accomodate varying stock.
  • Width can accomodate a 12x18" digital sheet landscape.

Item Specifications

  • Electrical: N/A
  • Feeding System: Manual stock placement with back guides
  • Max.Speed (Impact crease): 750/hour (operator dependent)
  • Maximum Stock Size: Max Width is 45.7cm/ 18" , Max Length is N/A
  • Minimum Stock Size: N/A
  • Stock Weight: Maximum 450 gsm
  • Dimensions: 23.5"x20"x6.5" / 59.7×50.8×16.5cm
  • Crease Widths: Options of 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.2mm
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 Year Mechanical Parts

Staff Review

Graphic Whizard's CreaseMaster GW-MCP Review

Have you been looking for a manual creaser/perforator for your workplace? If so, you're going to want to take a look at the CreaseMaster GW-MCP from Graphic Whizard. This is a manual device that makes it easy to crease and perforate a variety of paper types. We decided to check out this product's strengths and weaknesses. Take a look at them so you can determine if the GW-MCP is what you need.


  • The CreaseMaster GW-MCP is a terrific machine to use if you need to crease a lot of paper in a very short period time. Whether having the device perforate or score, it can process as many as 750 sheets per hour. That's about a ream and a half of paper.

  • This device can work with a number of different paper sizes including letter- and legal-sized. The smallest sheets it can handle measure 5" x 1" so you'll be able to score both large and small documents. Also, this machine can handle a variety of stocks ranging from 12 lb. bond paper to 18 point cardstock. Thus, you can score a number of different items with the CreaseMaster GW-MCP such as greeting cards, newsletters, and so on.

  • Everything you process with this device will look great because the paper won't crack. Thus, you'll be able to have professional-looking documents.

  • You can choose to do either an inverted or regular crease when you process your paper. This device has two handles that make this possible. Also, you can crease and perforate your paper on just about any angle you choose, as long as it's 90 degrees or less.

  • The CreaseMaster GW-MCP is very durable and is made almost entirely of metal. You can fully expect to get years of use out of this device, so it's really quite a good investment.

  • Finally, this device has one of the best warranties of any office product. The warranty lasts for a full 5 years.


  • This CreaseMaster GW-MCP is a pretty large machine. It measures 30" (length) x 19.5" (width) x 9" (height) so it will take up a good amount of room on your work surface. This could be a problem if you don't have a lot of workspace.

  • This particular creaser is totally manual which obviously be an issue if you prefer to work with automated machines.

Overall, the Graphic Whizard CreaseMaster GW-MCP is a great choice if you're in need of a manual scoring/perforating device. Even though this creaser is operated by hand, you'll be able to process a lot of documents in a short amount of time, up to 750 sheets. (However, to prevent fatigue, you'll probably want to use this item for smaller jobs.) You'll find that this creaser is very well-constructed thanks to all of its metal parts and that it's easy to use no matter what type of paper you're processing. And let's not forget that it comes with an excellent warranty - that's always the sign of a good product. All together, the CreaseMater GW-MCP is a terrific creaser, so check it out today.