GrommetSniper Alignment Tool for ClipsShop Grommet Presses
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GrommetSniper Alignment Tool for ClipsShop Grommet Presses

Brand: ClipsShop
  • Quickly and accurately attach grommets with perfect spacing.
  • Features a pull-out measuring arm that extends with guides up to 24"
  • Edge Margin: 5/8" to 3" [15mm to 80mm]
  • Space Between Grommets: 2 1/2" to 24" [55mm to 600mm]
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Product Description

Apply grommets precisely where it should be with GrommetSnipper Alignment Tool for ClipShop Presses. Accurately position and space grommets with this highly precise alignment tool that is exclusively compatible with the CSTEP-2 advanced grommet press and ClipsShop CSTIDY-41 pneumatic grommet press. The tool is a durable steel piece that mounts onto the CSTEP-2 base that lets users consistently space grommets from 5/8" to 3" from the edge of their material and uniformly locate the distance between grommets from 2 ½" to 18" on center. Fitted with an extendable measuring guide that expands up to 24” aid in positioning grommets making sure that it is always centered. Measurements in inches and metric is laser etched in the durable steel piece for ease of adjustments. Manually marking material is no longer necessary with the durable steel alignment tool as it allows operators to quickly and accurately space grommets with a professional finish. This is very helpful in applications where multiple grommets are needed in one item. It is ready to use once installed onto the table, it requires no special tools and once set, it can be locked into place using finger wing-nuts. For consistently centered and equally spaced grommets, use GrommetSnipper Alignment Tool for ClipShop Presses.

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