Safety Speed H4 Full-Sized 50" Vertical Panel Saw

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Item# SS-H4
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Large sheet materials are frequently divided into more manageable rectangle pieces using panel saws as the first size step. They consist of a circular saw, a strong framework for supporting the material, and a track for the saw to move along. In contrast to a table saw, which cuts while the workpiece is being moved past the rotating blade, a panel saw employs a circular saw to cut from across material as it is fixed in place.

The H4 panel saw, which has a 10′ frame and a 50′′ maximum crosscut with an endless rip cut, is a favorite tool for cabinet and furniture manufacturers. The only thing that sets this model apart from our H5 and H6 models are that the latter two has maximum crosscuts of 64" and 74". The Milwaukee Motor is the same in all three H machines.

This Safety Speed H4 is a full-sized, budget-friendly vertical panel saw that can crosscut materials with a width of up to 50". The type H4 saw can cut a variety of panel materials up to 1-3/4" thick with an accuracy of 1/32". Applications for our Safety Speed H4 Full-Sized 50" Vertical Panel Saw include all types of panel processing.

Because they were designed with safety in mind, vertical panel saws are built with various safety features that reduce the risk of operator error. One of the easiest and safest activities that can be carried out with a vertical panel saw or wall saw is cutting panels of MDF, sheet wood, or other material. The machine's vertical tilt allows it to handle larger sheets of material.

Product Details

  • A 10' frame made of welded steel
  • Zinc-coated 1-3/4" steel guide tubes
  • It can cut every day for up to one to three hours
  • A 15 amp, 3 1/4 hp, production duty saw motor is included
  • 4 Nylatron roller bearings systems
  • Horizontal and vertical rulers that can be adjusted quickly
  • Thin material pressure protection
  • Rollers made of plastic are injection-molded
  • Counterbalance system with a spring-loaded action
  • A built-in 1-½" dust collection hat
  • Extended Warranty
  • TUV certified to UL/CSA standards

Item Specifications

  • Max. Crosscut: 50"/1270mm
  • Max. Rip Cut: Unlimited
  • Max. Cut Thickness: 1 3/4"/45mm
  • Cut Accuracy, Straight and Square: 1/32"/.8mm
  • Saw Blade Diameter: 8"/210mm
  • Motor: 15 amp, 120V, 220V
  • Frame Length: 120"/3050mm
  • Weight: 244 lbs
  • Dimensions: 120 × 11 × 70 in

Demonstration Video

Safety Speed H-Series Vertical Panel Saws Demo

Transcript: The popular H models are available in three vertical sizes 50, 64, and 74 inches, depending on your cutting capacity requirements. Each model features a three and a quarter horsepower Milwaukee motor with an ergonomic handle and switch for easy operation and the ability to change from vertical to horizontal cutting in seconds. Adjustable measuring indicators make precision cuts a snap, also included is a thin material pressure guard combined with the proper saw blade. It improves cut performance when cutting thin classics and laminates. A heavy-duty counterbalance neutralizes the weight of the ...