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Custom Spiral Coil

Although we carry more than 45 different colors of coil in stock here at MyBinding we often hear from customers who are looking for something special. Perhaps you need a special length? We can cut your spines in any size from 2" to 36". Or maybe you need a specialty pitch. Choose from 3:1, 2.5:1, Turbocoil, 5:1, 6mm and more. For larger orders we can even have coil made in thicker diameters and in specialized colors to match your PMS color. Whatever you want to do with coil binding we have the supplies that you need and we can get them FAST. Give us a call and one of our binding specialists can help you get a quote for the specific supplies that you need.


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Custom Spiral Coil


Custom Spiral Coil

Spiral Coil binding spines (also called Color Coil, EZ Coil, and plastic coil) are the perfect way to securely bind your books, reports, and presentations while still setting them apart. At MyBinding.com, we carry a huge selection of plastic coil for your convenience, but sometimes even our available coil supplies just aren't enough. That's why we offer a custom coil service, so you can get the exact spiral coil you want for an affordable price!

Custom Color Coil will make your presentation stand out above the rest!

If you need help making your selection, be sure to contact one of our customer service representatives today. Call, email, or live chat now!


Custom Length

We can custom cut plastic coil to any length you need. Whether you're designing half size 8.5" x 5.5" books or 11" x 17" ledger size documents, we can provide you the right size spiral coil for everything in between. Or smaller. Or larger!


Custom Pitch

Spiral coil comes in a variety of pitches (holes per inch). We can manufacturer any of the following: 4:1, .2475", 6 mm, 3:1, 2.5:1, 3.2:1, and 5:1.


Custom Size

We carry spiral coil spines in a range of sizes that can accommodate up to nearly 500 pages. Choose a size plastic coil anywhere from 6mm (1/4") to 50mm (2") in diameter.


Custom Color

MyBinding.com carries a huge selection of plastic binding coil. Start by perusing the colors we offer on our Color Coil page. If you can't find the exact color you need, contact us for more information about custom color matching spiral coil elements.
Custom Color Coil
Custom Plastic Coil


Order Now!

Our customer service representatives are standing by to guide you through our simple ordering process and ensure your custom cut spiral coil spines arrive just as you've requested. Call 1-800-944-4573to place your order. Plan on answering the following questions, and, of course, we're happy to answer any questions you might have as well!

Ordering custom plastic coil is
quick and easy!


Questions We'll Ask You


  • How long do you need your spiral coil?
  • (How many loops/holes?)
  • What color?
  • What size/diameter?
  • What pitch?


*Note that custom spiral combs are non-returnable. Additionally, custom products may require longer processing, so please allow for extra lead time when ordering. Minimum order quantities may apply.

Need more information about spiral coil binding first? Watch this video.

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