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A6 Size Binding Covers

These A6 binding covers are a great way to make your small-sized projects more durable. Ideal for adding more support to notebooks, scrapbooks and any other creative or non-creative project, these covers can also be stamped, wrapped or die cut, so you can personalize them your way. Made with recycled brown chipboard and available with a thickness of 18pt and all the way up to 46pt, these covers will help you complete your projects quickly and efficiently. You can buy them today unpunched or conveniently pre-punched in your preferred pattern to save time – you can select from 8 different punch styles!
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  1. A6 Size Chipboard Covers Image 1

    A6 Size Chipboard Covers

    A6 Size Chipboard Covers Image 1
    • Can be ordered in 5 different thickness
    • Available unpunched or 8 various punch styles
    • Comes in packs of 25
    • 100% brown recycled chipboard covers
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    A6 Size 18pt Chipboard Covers - 25pk MYCBA6-18

    Your Price: $8.19

    A6 Size 20pt Chipboard Covers - 25pk MYCBA6-20

    Your Price: $8.49

    A6 Size 24pt Chipboard Covers - 25pk MYCBA6-24

    Your Price: $8.69

    A6 Size 35pt Chipboard Covers - 25pk MYCBA6-35

    Your Price: $16.39

    A6 Size 46pt Chipboard Covers - 25pk MYCBA6-46

    Your Price: $17.49

    A6 Size 59pt Chipboard Covers - 25pk MYCBA6-59

    Your Price: $19.24

    A6 Size 79pt Chipboard Covers - 25pk MYCBA6-79

    Your Price: $21.16

    A6 Size 87pt Chipboard Covers - 25pk MYCBA6-87

    Your Price: $23.28

    A6 Size 98pt Chipboard Covers - 25pk MYCBA6-98

    Your Price: $25.61

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