Logan Cos-Tools
COS-Tools are accurate, easy to use, able to cut circles, straight edges, beveled edges, or V-Grooves in suitable Cosplay materials. Great for sizing and shaping Cosplay foams for costume or accessory building.

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  1. Logan XT1000 COS-Tools Starter Kit

    • A basic introductory set of Cos-Tools for use on suitable Cosplay materials.
    • Includes XT3000 20" Channel Rail, XT8011 Hole Drill, XTC6010 STraight/Bevel Cutter, and XTD30 Knife.
    • Each tool includes extra blades.
    • Quantity: 1
    Part #: XT1000


  2. Logan COS-Tools Straight/Bevel Cutter - XTC6010

    • For use on suitable Cosplay materials up top 3/16” thick.
    • Features an adjustable blade depth, ergonomic handle and on-board blade storage.
    • Transforms from a 90 degree straight cutter to a 45 degree bevel cutter.
    • Includes two blades and can be used with any suitable straight edge.
    Part #: XTC6010


  3. Logan COS-Tools Straight Cutter - XTC6001

    • Cut perfect 90 degree straight edges on any depth of suitable Cosplay materials up to 1/2"
    • Features adjustable blade depth, quick change blade clip, magnetic blade slot, on-board blade storage drawer and five blades.
    • Use with FoamWerks Channel Rail, Logan Adapt-A-Rule or Team System.
    • Use replacement blades WC-5 or WC-20.
    Part #: XTC6001


  4. Logan COS-Tools V-Groove Cutter - XTC2001

    • Cuts V-grooves in suitable Cosplay materials to perfection
    • Features include adjustable blade depth, quick change blade clips, magnetic blade slot, on-board blade storage drawer and six extra blades.
    • Use with COS-Tools XT3001 Channel Rail, Logan Adapt-A-Rule or Team System to maximize productivity
    • Use replacement blades WC-5 or WC-20.
    Part #: XTC2001


  5. Logan COS-Tools Freestyle Cutter - XTB6020

    • Cut freeform shapes in suitable Cosplay materials
    • Easy to use, just insert the blade into the board and push to follow the desired shape.
    • Features ergonomic handle, on-board blade storage compartment, blade safety shield and two blades.
    • Use replacement blades WB-5 or WB-20.
    Part #: XTB6020


  6. Logan COS-Tools Circle Cutter - XTA8001

    • Cut perfect circles from 1″ to 6″ diameters in suitable Cosplay materials
    • Center depth indicator shows blade progression for board depths from 1/8" to 1/2" (3.1mm to 12.7mm).
    • Features dual inch/metric rail, centering pin, magnetic blade slot and clear acrylic safety dome.
    • Includes five blades. Use replacement blades WA-5 or WA-20.
    Part #: XTA8001


  7. Logan COS-Tools Hole Drill - XT8011

    • Includes one of three interchangeable quick-change drill tips ( 3/4", 1/2" and 0.28")
    • Drill perfect holes in suitable cosplay material
    • Works with suitable Cosplay material up to 3/16” thick.
    • Feature quick change blades and ergonomic designs.
    Part #: XT8011


  8. Logan XTD30 COS-Tools Knife

    • Hand held adjustable depth utility knife.
    • Snap off blade.
    • Solid locking mechanism for consistent depth settings.
    • Used to size suitable Cosplay materials.
    Part #: XTD30


  9. Logan COS-Tools Channel Rail - XT3001

    • 32" Channel Rail.
    • Features include a straight edge to guide you cuts, and a ruler to measure them.
    • Compatible with Cos-Tools Straight/Bevel Cutter and V-Groove Cutter.
    • Part Number: XT3001
    Part #: XT3001


9 Items

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