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Supply55 MediaGrip Workholding Device

Improve your productivity with the Supply55 MediaGrip Workholding device! The Media Fabrication System is ideal for cutting media on two axes, whether it's multiple prints, photos, labels, or heat transfer materials. The all-steel construction is durable while the easy to install table bracket will help you transform your work station into a more efficient workspace quickly! Measuring 18 inches in length and 5.75 inches in width, this system will suit smaller or larger tables in equal measure. Order it today to optimize your workflow and to save valuable time that you can then use for other more important tasks!
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  1. MediaGRIP Media Fabrication System Image 9

    MediaGRIP Media Fabrication System

    MediaGRIP Media Fabrication System Image 9
    • Length: 18 in (45.72 cm)
    • Width: 5.75 in (14.60 cm)
    • Height: 5 in (12.70 cm)
    • Reach Adjustment: 1.5 in Span (3.81 cm)

    Your Price: $99.95

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