Challenge iJog Paper Jogger with Air Assist
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Challenge iJog Paper Jogger with Air Assist

Brand: Challenge
  • Front-side loading
  • Foot pedal control
  • Two jogging speeds
  • Three operating modes - air off all the time, air on all the time, or air on for an adjustable length of time during the jogging action
  • 90 Day Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Price Match Guarantee
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Product Description

The Challenge iJog air-flow heavy duty jogger is now available to the high static digital market. With a 12" x 17" maximum sheet siz, the iJog has the power and air assistance to quickly jog up to a 4" lift of stock. The operator no longer has to add a small lift to achieve neat blocks of sheets. The iJog is foot pedal controlled and offers two jogging speeds and three operating modes. You can choose to have no air, air for a limited amount of time, or air flow during the entire jogging action. The volume of air is adjustable.

Product Details

  • Robust, electro-mechanical jogging action
  • Front-side loading
  • Foot pedal control
  • Adjustable air flow - dial from zero to 112 CFM
  • Two jogging speeds
  • Three operating modes - air off all the time, air on all the time, or air on for an adjustable length of time during the jogging action
  • Rugged, heavy duty construction

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Item Specifications

  • Pile Height: 4" maximum / 10.16 cm
  • Stock Size: up to 12" x 18" / 30.5 cm x 40.7 cm
  • Width: 23" / 58.4 cm
  • Electrical: 120 Volt, Single-phase, 60 Hz
  • Actual Machine Dimensions: 23"x 23"x 20"
  • Actual Machine Weight: 75lbs
  • Shipping Length:
  • Shipping Width: 30"
  • Shipping Height: 38"
  • Shipping Weight: 183lbs
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 90-Day Manufacturer Manufacturer's Warranty

Staff Review

Challenge iJog Paper Jogger Review

Challenge Machinery makes some excellent office equipment and that includes their iJog Paper Jogger. This is a first-rate device that will help you separate and align your paper so your workday goes by easier. Here's what this machine has to offer, as well as some advice on what special additions you should get with it.

  • If you need to jog a lot of paper at once, the iJog is definitely the device you should use. This machine is capable of jogging a 4-inch stack of paper, which is almost 1,000 sheets. That's equivalent to almost two entire reams.

  • The iJog can handle a lot of different paper sizes with the largest being 12" x 18", which is slightly larger than tabloid size. Whether you need to align and separate half-letter sheets (5.5" x 8.5") or legal-sized ones (8.5" x 11"), this device can help you out.

  • One of the great things about this jogger is that you can purchase an optional Air Assist feature. This feature will help your sheets become free of static electricity so they'll flow through other paper handling devices more easily. If you choose to get this feature, you'll be glad to know that it doesn't need to be on all the time. You can use no air or a lot of it depending on the type of paper you're jogging.

  • The iJog is operated by a foot pedal so your hands will remain free when you're using it. The machine offers two jogging speeds so you can select the right one for the stock you're processing.

  • This device's bin has a wide open design to allow for easy access. Sticking your sheets in it and retrieving them later on won't take any time at all.

  • This machine is a bit larger than some of the other joggers on the market. Its dimensions are 23" (width) x 20" (height) x 23" (depth) so you might have a bit of trouble finding room for it on your work surface. If that's the case, you can get a stand for it. However, that will cost a bit extra. (Ordering the stand is recommended. It has casters so you can roll the machine out of the way when you're not using it.)

  • The iJog's warranty lasts for one year so you can have it repaired or replaced in cause it turns out to be defective.

The Challenge iJog is one of the best joggers you can buy at the moment. It offers an absolutely incredible jogging capacity so you'll be able to prepare your paper in very little time. And it doesn't really matter how large or small your sheets are because this machine can handle ones that are as large as 12" x 18". The Air Assist feature is very helpful and while it may be optional, you should really consider getting it so you can get the most out of this device. Also, you should think about getting the stand so you can easily roll this jogger out of the way when you don't need it. With some many great features, you should really take a look at the iJog today. You won't regret it.

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