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Challenge Spartan 150A 15.75" Automatic Electric Paper Cutter w/ Power Clamp
$5,245.00 NewCondition InStock
Challenge Spartan 150A 15.75" Automatic Electric Paper Cutter w/ Power Clamp

Challenge Spartan 150A 15.75" Automatic Electric Paper Cutter w/ Power Clamp

Part #: CH-SPARTAN150A
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Brand: Challenge

Your Price: $5,245.00

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Your Price: $5,245.00


The Challenge Spartan 150A paper cutter is a sleek, strong, 15" table top machine that is perfect for the professional office, copy center, in plant print shop or on demand printing environment. The 150A offers the same great features as the 150SA but offers automatic power clamping to save time and improve productivity. The Challenge Spartan 150A is engineered to the world's highest safety standards. Safety shields cover the front and rear tables and has front-side cut buttons that require two hands to simultaneously activate the cut cycle. The Spartan 150A also includes a convenient LED backguage position display that helps to ensure accurate cuts every time. It offers an LED Cut line, and an auto releasing front safety shield.

Product Details

  • Power Cutting: Electric power - 1/2HP Gear Drive Motor
  • Automatic Power Clamping: Automatic power clamping improves productivity and makes cutting simple. All you need to do is lower the safety shield and press the two cutting buttons..
  • Safety Guards: Safety covers over the front table (the cutting area) and rear table.
  • Safety Dual Cut Buttons: Requires the simultaneous use of both hands to operate.
  • Construction: Heavy Duty Steel, Cast Iron, and Cast Aluminum Construction gives it "Challenge durability". Hardened steel components and bronze bearings on most wear surfaces increase the life of the machine.
  • LED Digital Backgauge Position Display: The easy to read digital display located on the front table of the machine allows the operator to easily set the backgauge position accurately?everytime.
  • LED Cut-Line Light: Twelve red LED lights positioned over the knife provides the brightest, most consistent and easy to see optical cut-line in the industry.
  • Auto Releasing Front Safety Shield: Front shield automatically pops open after a cut cycle is completed allowing the operator to remove the cut stock without the extra step of having to manually open the cover.
  • Virtually Maintenance Free Knife Bar Gibs: "Gibs" are devices used to control the knife position during a cut cycle assuring a consistent and accurate cut. Traditionally, these surfaces require routine lubrication because of the continuous surface friction they have with the moving knife bar. The Spartan 150 SA gibs however, are made of an advanced material called UHMW that is both strong and self-lubricating - resulting in virtually maintenance free durability.
  • Included: 2 high speed steel knives, 3 plastic cutting sticks, 1 jogging aid, 1 tool kit, 1 operations manual, and 1 knife change safety holder assembly


  • Maximum Cutting Width: 15-3/4" (40cm)
  • Clamp Opening: 1-1/2" (3.8cm)
  • Minimum Cut: 1-15/16" (3.8cm)
  • Maximum Cut: 15-1/4" (38.7cm)
  • Table Space In Front of Knife: 9" (22.9cm)
  • Overall Height: 21-1/2" (54.6cm)
  • Overall Width: 25-3/4" (65.4cm)
  • Overall Length: 31" (78.7cm)
  • Net Weight: 170 lbs (77kg)
  • Shipping Weight: 220 lbs (91kg)
  • Shipping Weight with Stand: 326 lbs (113kg)
  • Electrical: 1/2 H.P. 1 Phase, 60 Hz, 120 Volt, AC Service Size: 15 Amps
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


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Challenge Spartan 150A Automatic Paper Cutter Review

Automatic paper cutters make trimming hundreds of sheets of paper a breeze. One you should take a look at is the Challenge Spartan 150A. Here's everything you need to know about it. Check it out.

  • The 150A has a 15.75-inch cutting length so you'll be able to cut letter- and legal-sized paper without any problems at all. Smaller sheets can also be cut so you can use this machine for just about all of your cutting needs.

  • This machine has a clamp opening that's 1.5" across as well as a 1/2-horsepower motor so you can trim around 200 sheets at a time. When you consider that half a ream of paper is 250 sheets, the cutting capacity seems particularly impressive.

  • The 150A has a roomy table so you won't feel cramped when you go to cut your paper. There's a full 9" of room in front of the blade for an easy cutting experience.

  • This machine has a number of great safety features so you're less likely to become injured when using it. It has plastic safety guards on both the front and rear tables to prevent hands from getting anywhere near the blade. (The front safety guard will flip up when cutting is done.) Also, this cutter requires two-handed operation so it's just about impossible to have your hands in the vicinity of the blade when you cut.

  • The 150A is equipped with an automatic power clamp that's very easy to use. The clamp will put the right amount of pressure on your materials so you can get a clean cut. Meanwhile, there's a LED display that will let you know how the backgauge is positioned as well as an illuminated cutting line. All of these features will help you get the cut you need.

  • This device's blade gibs don't require much maintenance so you can spend your time working on other things. The gibs help control the position of the blade and they're made from a very durable material called ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene. (UHMW for short.) It's self-lubricating, hence the lack of a need for maintenance.

  • You might have some trouble finding room for this cutter because it measures 21.5" (height) x 25.75" (width) x 31" (length). If you don't have enough room on any of your work surfaces for it, there's a stand that can be purchased. Also, please be careful when moving this device - it weighs 170 pounds, so it's not lightweight at all.

  • The 150A is very durable because it has parts that are made out of such materials as steel and cast aluminum. Nevertheless, it comes with a one-year warranty so you can get it fixed or repaired if you need to.

The Challenge Spartan 150A is a first-rate electric paper cutter that's ideal for any workplace needing a device that can cut hundreds of sheets at a time. This machine has thoughtful safety features, it's easy to use, and it doesn't require much maintenance. It's also very durable and has a good warranty. The size might be a bit much for some work surfaces, but you can always purchase a stand for it. The Spartan 150A is worth your consideration, so take a look at it today.

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