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Color Coil Sample Pack (45 Colors)
$15.89 NewCondition InStock
Color Coil Sample Pack (45 Colors)

Color Coil Sample Pack (45 Colors)

8 Questions, 8 Answers
Brand: MyBinding

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Main Features:
  • Product Type: Coil Sample Pack
  • Hole Pattern: 44 Hole
  • Hole Pattern: 44 Hole
  • Quantity: 45 pk


Not sure what color of coil that you need for your next binding project? Our spiral coil binding color sample pack the perfect solution to your problem. Our new vibrant coil sample pack gives you a real life example of all 45 coil colors for you to take a look at. Coil sample packs are extremely popular with print shops, graphic designers and with artists. However, many of our customers will buy a sample pack so that they can have all of the color choices in front of them before placing their next order for binding supplies. All of the colors show here are available in 4:1 pitch for standard Spiral Coil Binding Machines and can be special ordered for machines that use other hole patterns (3:1, 5:1 and .400). Check it out for yourself and personalize your documents with these exciting new coils.
This sample pack includes many of the awesome colors of coil that we carry at MyBinding.com. However we have even more colors available for our customers. Check out the colors on the site and if you need a sample of a color not in the pack please call our customer service department and we will do our best to send you a piece of coil to make sure the color will work for your project.

Product Details

  • Product Type: Coil Sample Pack
  • Color: Assorted (45 Colors Total)
  • Part Number: PKSAMPLE


7 Review(s)
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Reviewed on 6/11/2019

Nice sample display Review by John

Sample display shows all colors; really easy for showing customers. Great tool that I wish I had
all along.

image alt text

Reviewed on 1/22/2019

Useful visual aid Review by Lesley

I found this item very helpful.

image alt text

Reviewed on 3/12/2018

Good Review by Terri

The color sample pack helps

image alt text

Reviewed on 10/11/2017

Nice little display case Review by Clayton

This is a great little desk top display case for those of you who may order lots of bindings of different colors.

image alt text

Reviewed on 8/16/2017

5 stars Review by Maureen

I love the sample pack- the color range is amazing and beautiful!!! I can compare the different colors that will coordinate with the works books that we create. the store colors are royal blue and gold so the ones I received in my boxes were perfect for the stores colors but now we are looking at other colors to coordinate with the different classes we provide so they will be an awesome asset and We never would have thought of this without the sampler pack.Thanks again for all your help

image alt text

Reviewed on 2/17/2016

So Many Colors Review by Sally

Orderd one of these so that we could decide what color to use for our books. I never knew there were so many different unique choices. Can't want to get our coils and bind our books now.

image alt text

Reviewed on 7/30/2015

Looks great and fast shipping! Thanks!

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MyBinding Color Coil Sample Pack (45 Colors)

Questions & Answers
Hello, I would like to order this color coil sample pack. Is it possible to apply any of the color from this sample pack to your twin loop wire binding? I can't find any twin loop wire color sample pack. Thank you.
Asked by Marek Schwarz
Thank you for your question. Unfortunately the color selection for twin loop is more limited than the color options available for the plastic spiral coil. You can find our complete selection of colors of Twin Loop Wire here .

Answered by MyBinding 9 months ago
Asked by can I iget smALLER quanties th
Thank you for your question. Unfortunately coils are only available in the quantities listed on the website. Coils will come in boxs with just one size and color.

Answered by MyBinding 1 years and 8 months ago ago
How can I order a 3:1 pitch sample pack? I dont see that option before clicking on add to cart
Asked by Diana
Thank you for your question. Unfortunately we do not have any sample packs available of a 3:1 coil or wire. The Color Coil Sample Pack is the only sample pack of coils we have available. It includes short lengths of 5:1 coil that is generally intended just to be used as a color reference.

Answered by MyBinding 2 years and 10 months ago ago
Do you have a sample pack on a 3:1 pitch?
Asked by Alexandra
This sample pack is designed to allow you to see all of the different colors that are available in the spiral coil that we carry. All of the colors in the sample pack can be made in 3:1 pitch or any of the pitches that we carry. If you need a sample of our 3:1 pitch coil to test on a document we can probably send you one. Give our customer service department a call at 1-800-944-4573 and we should be able to assist you.

Answered by MyBinding.com 3 years and 4 months ago ago
Is there a list of all of the colors in the pack somewhere on the site?
Asked by mike
You can find our full selections of colors for coils here (link: https://www.mybinding.com/binding/binding-supplies/spiral-coil/colors.html ) .

Answered by MyBinding.com 3 years and 5 months ago ago
Am i able to order a variety pack of full length coils?
Asked by Hailey
Unfortunately we currently do not offer a variety pack of full length coils. Currently there are more than 50 different coils and 27 different sizes which makes creating variety packs somewhat difficult. However, if you have a particular pack that you think would be beneficial send us the details and we will consider adding it to our offering.

Answered by MyBinding.com 3 years and 5 months ago ago
How many of each color come in your sample pack?
Asked by Lily
This sample pack includes one short sample of each color so that you can see if the particular color will match your project. Each sample of coil is only a few inches long and is sealed in the sample pack. They are not designed for binding books just for evaluating the shades and color options available.

Answered by MyBinding.com 3 years and 5 months ago ago
Are these coil actual letter size length? Can I use them for coil binding?
Asked by Danielle
These are just really short samples and are not designed to actually bind documents. The sample pack is really just designed to allow you to see a real example of each of the different shades that we carry so that you can match it up with your project.

Answered by MyBinding.com 3 years and 5 months ago ago
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