Dahle 842 Heavy Duty 200 Sheet 17-Inch Stack Cutter
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Dahle 842 Heavy Duty 200 Sheet 17-Inch Stack Cutter

Part #: 842
Brand: Dahle
  • Cutting Length: 16 7/8"
  • Ground upper blade made of Solingen steel
  • Cutting Capacity: 200 sheets
  • Quick action manual clamp holds work securely and evenly across the entire cutting surface
  • Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Price Match Guarantee
  • Oversize / Truck shipping


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Product Name Item Number Price Qty
Dahle 712 Stand for Model 842 and 846 Stack Cutters 712
Replacement Blade for Dahle 842 Guillotine Stack Cutter - 1pk 73221068
Cutting Stick for Dahle 842, 846 Guillotine Stack Cutter - 1pk 77202531

Product Description

Dahle Stack Cutters are manually operated but make easy cutting of up to 200 sheets of paper at a time. Safety shields can be found on either side of the cutting blade and will not allow the blade to move while they are in the up position. Once the shields are in place, you have the ability to cut cleanly though 200 sheets of paper with very little effort. This clean, burr free cut through such a large stack of paper is made possible through a ground Solingen Steel blade and a paper clamp that places even pressure across the entire cutting surface. The two larger machines offer a self-locking spindle driven backstop for minute adjustments to your cutting measurements. These cutters can be mounted on any secure table surface although the optional floor stands are recommended for proper cutting height and leverage.

Product Details

  • 200 sheet cutting capacity / 17" cut length
  • Easily cuts through large stacks of paper & cardstock
  • Built in safety covers prevent accidental injury
  • Ground upper blade made of Solingen steel
  • Quick action manual clamp holds work securely and evenly across the entire cutting surface
  • Adjustable backstop for repetitive cutting
  • Scale bar printed in inch and metric measurements
  • Sturdy metal base for extreme durability
  • Shown on optional floor stand
  • Stands provide proper height and leverage for ease of cutting
  • Cutting Length: 16 7/8"
  • Cutting Capacity: 200 sheets
  • Dimensions: 28 1/4" x 23 1/4"
  • Part Number: 842
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty
  • UPC Code: 76769842007

Item Specifications

  • Actual Machine Dimensions (L x W x H): 28.75" x 23.25" x 14"
  • Actual Machine Weight: 89 lb
  • Shipping Length: 40"
  • Shipping Length: 24"
  • Shipping Height: 24"
  • Shipping (Web) Weight: 100 lb

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Staff Review

Dahle 842 Heavy Duty 200 Sheet 17 inches Stack Cutter Review

When it comes to selecting a paper cutter, it is important to choose a machine that can adequately handle the amount of paper you need to cut. That means if you are only going to be working with smaller amounts of paper (such as personal craft projects), a rotary/rolling trimmer would be a good pick. But the more paper you cut, the more cutting power you need. A guillotine paper cutter can help you cut multiple pieces of paper, but when you have a huge cutting job - such as one that's hundreds of pages long - a stack cutter is an excellent option. Dahle manufactures several different stack cutters, including some that are professional-grade. One of these is the 842 cutter, a machine that can chop through up to 200 sheets of paper. Scroll down and continue reading about this stack cutter to discover what is good - and not so good - about it.

The Pros:

  1. The Dahle 842 professional-grade cutter can cut up to 200 sheets of paper. It can also cut items that are up to 16-7/8 inch long and it can handle both regular photocopier paper and card stock. This stack cutter has blades that are made from high quality German Solingen steel, which makes it possible for it to easily cut such large quantities of paper. Each cut will be clean and crisp, making your work look extremely professional.
  2. Safety needs to be addressed when using such a potentially dangerous machine as a stack cutter. So it's good to know that the 842 is one of the safest machines you can use. The machine has a safety shield that help prevent your limbs from meeting the blade every time you use the machine. This makes the 842 one of the safest stack cutters available.
  3. The 842 has a paper clamp that ensures accurate cutting. It also has an adjustable backstop that can come in handy if you need to cut over and over again.
  4. This cutter can be used on your own work surface, but if space is limited, you can purchase an optional stand for the cutter. The stand will provide you with the right leverage you need to for an easy cutting experience. Also, the cutting stand has a shelf which can give you more room to storage your supplies.
  5. The cutting table of the 842 is metal, so it is very durable. Also, it has measurements in both inches and centimeters, so it's easy to measure your document using your preferred measurement system.

The Cons:

  1. The 842 has a handle on the right side of the machine. This means that left-handed people could have a challenging time when using this cutter.
  2. This is a manual stack cutter that lacks the features of electric cutters such as a laser guide that can help you get the most accurate cut possible.
  3. This stack cutter is a bit pricey, with a price point of $1,799.00. The optional floor stand will cost you an additional $399.00, so this cutter and stand might not be within reach for companies that are on tight budgets.

If you can live with the 842's price and handle, this is a great stack cutter and a wise investment. So take a look at the Dahle 842 professional-grade stack cutter now.

Replacement Blades and Accessories

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Replacement Blade for Dahle 842 Guillotine Stack Cutter - 1pk73221068
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Dahle 712 Stand for Model 842 and 846 Stack Cutters712

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