EyeLED Red LED Positioning Pointer for CS-TIDY Series
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EyeLED Red LED Positioning Pointer for CS-TIDY Series

Brand: ClipsShop
  • Compatible Equipment: ClipsShop CSTEP-2 (new generation* models only), CSTIDY-41 and CSTIDY-51 Grommet Press
  • Power Voltage: 110 V
  • Tools Needed for Assembly: Screwdriver (Phillips), Allen Wrench
  • Part Number: 04GRCSTIDY41LED
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Product Description

Get perfectly precise grommet placement with EyeleD™ Red LED Positioning Pointer for ClipsShop Grommet Presses. This accessory reduces errors, saves time, and eliminates guesswork by positioning the pointer to show exactly where the grommet will be before permanently setting it. This LED positioning pointer creates a double circle red guide, with the center dot showing you the precise center of your grommet. The pointer can be mounted onto several ClipsShop grommet press machines, including the CSTIDY-41, CSTIDY-51, and even the new generation of CSTEP-2 machines. An adjustable mounting bracket, power cable, and portable battery holder for mobile use is included with the pointer.

Product Details

  • Optional Accessories:
    • Filter, Regulator, Lubricator (FRL) – Provides accurate pressure to the grommet press along with clean air to the tool. This option is recommended to extend the life of the tool.
    • Adjustable Height Table - Specifically designed for the CS-TIDY series of grommet presses.
      • Height adjustable to position what best suits the operator and/or the material.
      • 3 different press positions depending on whether the user wants the die flush with the table or a little higher to accommodate the GrommetSniper or all the way up as shown.
      • Built-in bins for easy access to grommets & washers during use.
      • Angled, adjustable foot-pedal mount for operator comfort.
    • EyeleD red LED positioning pointer - Provides optical laser so the operator knows exactly where to place grommets.
    • Mobile cart to wheel the CS-TIDY machines around large work (rather than trying to move the work through the stationary press).
    • The "Grommet Sniper" improves the speed and accuracy while placing multiple grommets on the same piece of work. This industry first grommet alignment fixture is made exclusively to fit the CSTEP-2 professional hand press or CS-TIDY-41 pnumatic press. It lets users precisely space grommets 5/8" to 3" from the edge of their substrate and uniformly locate the distance between grommets from 2" to 24" apart. Simple to install and easy to use, this durable steel alignment fixture mounts onto the base and is fully adjustable. Featuring laser etched inch and metric markings for ease of adjustment, the GrommetSniper requires no special tools and once set can be locked into place using finger wing-nuts.

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