GBC MC12 12" Manual Twin Loop Wire Closer - 1770600
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GBC MC12 12" Manual Twin Loop Wire Closer - 1770600

Part #: 1770600
Brand: GBC
  • Spine-size adjustment knobs.
  • Durable, heavy-duty design.
  • Non-slip rubber feet.
  • Sheet width up to 12".
  • 90 Day Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Price Match Guarantee
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Product Description

The GBC MC12 includes manual operation and an ambidextrous handle making finishing easy for all users in any setup or situation, at your desk, on a table or at a workstation. The MC12 has adjustable knobs to ensure that spines close evenly for a polished look. Creating impressive Twin Loop Wire Bound documents with the GBC MC12 Wire Closer can be completed in just three easy steps! Now, your documents not only command attention, but are functional as well. Twin Loop bound documents lie completely flat when opened and pages wrap all the way around for easy handling and photocopying. The GBC MC12 is ideal for office environments looking to transform their finished proposals or in high production environments where simple operation is important.

Product Details

  • Spine-size adjustment knobs.
  • Durable, heavy-duty design.
  • Non-slip rubber feet.
  • Bind sheets up to 12".
  • Maximum document thickness of 250 sheets (20# bond)
  • The closer is adjustable up to 1-1/4” maximum
  • Closes wire with maximum diameter of 1.25"
  • Fully compatible with both 2:1 Pitch and 3:1 Pitch Wire Binding Spines
  • GBC Item number 1770600 , G1770600
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 90 Day Manufacturer's Warranty

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Staff Review

GBC MC12 Manual Twin Loop Wire Closing Machine Product Review


  • The GBC MC12 has been one of the most popular manual twin loop wire closers on the market for years. In fact, you will find more MC-12 wire closers in copy shops, print shops, professional binderies and large corporations than any other model of wire closing equipment.
  • This heavy duty metal machine is designed to close "C" shaped wire-o, double loop, spiral-o, twin loop, double-o and WireBind spines into finished round binding spines.
  • With this in mind, the MC12 is an ideal companion to any interchangeable die binding punch or automated punching system.

Features/ Strengths:

  • The MC-12 is made completely of heavy duty steel components. This industrial grade construction is designed to ensure that this device can close thousands upon thousands of wires without ever having to worry about the machine breaking. In fact, even the heaviest users of wire binding will find that it is virtually impossible to wear out this machine.
  • This machine uses two ultra strong metal adjustment knobs to set the closing distance of the unit. The dual knobs allow you to not only adjust the MC12 to the correct size for your wire but also to adjust for wire wires that need to be closed more on one side of the book than the other.
  • This machine is fully adjustable for closing all of the different sizes of wire that are available on the market. It works with smaller sized 3:1 pitch wire spines and with larger 2:1 pitch double loop wires. It can even be used with 19 loop spiral-o wire binding spines. This closer can even be adjusted to close the smallest 3/16" wires and the largest 1-1/2" wires that many other closers cannot handle.
  • The MC-12 uses an ergonomic and convenient punching handle that is easy to use for both left and right handed individuals. The handle is not only strong but is also smooth and makes this closer easy to operate.


  • This wire closer is only twelve inches in length. This is ideal for closing letter size, A4 and smaller sized books. However, the GBC MC-12 is not compatible with legal sized documents or other larger sheet sizes. Some wire closers have an open throat design that allows users to close longer books in multiple steps. However, the MC12's handle and hinges prevent this machine from being used in this way.
  • Although the MC-12 is durable and easy to use, it is still a manual wire closer. You have to insert your pages onto the wire and carefully place them into the throat of the machine all without allowing the pages to fall off. This can be pretty tricky and can take some time. Larger electric wire closers help to automate this process and provide added productivity. For instance, the TL2900 allows you to hang your pages onto the wires in place without the need to transfer the document for closing. This is significantly faster than using a manual wire closer. However, it is also significantly more expensive.


  • Any organization that owns an interchangeable die modular binding punch and wants to bind documents with twin loop wire should consider the MC-12.
  • This machine has long been the most popular option used by printers, binderies and professional users for wire binding. This is no accident.
  • The MC12 is easy to use, strong, durable and is reasonably priced. It is even reasonably fast.
  • However, users who are looking for an even faster wire binding method may want to consider an electric wire closer such as the GBC TL-2900.

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