HM-225 Perfect Binding Glue for BQ 160, 270, 470, & 480 - 44 Lbs (20kg)

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Item# 05BQHM225
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Get the best perfect binding glue for your softcover paperback novels, manuals, and much more with Coverbind. This HM-225 perfect bind adhesive offers a strong but flexible hold to ensure a long-lasting finish. Packaged in a 44 lbs. (20kg) bag, this binding glue is compatible with the BQ 160, 270, 470 & 480 perfect binders.

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Standard BQ-160 Perfect Binding Machine Demo Video

Transcript: Hello! I’m Dan Guzman and this is the Standard Horizon BQ-160 Perfect Binder. The Standard BQ-160 Perfect Binder can also serve as a padder and a tape binder. The basic operation – insert the book block, press the clamp button, and start the process. The book goes over the notching station, notches it one time, waits for the operator to place the cover on to the cover table, and then restart the process, whereby it notches the book block a second time, applies the glue, then applies the cover. When the cover has set up long enough, the clamp automatically opens to drop the book, then the book ...