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MyBinding FP-1B Manual Paper Hole Drill

MyBinding FP-1B Manual Paper Hole Drill

MyBinding FP-1B Manual Paper Hole Drill

Part #: MYFP1B
Brand: MyBinding
6 Questions, 6 Answers

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The FP-1 is an innovative and efficient paper punching machine that will provide a high volume premium punch with very little effort. Capable to punch up to 300 sheets of paper at one time, it's the perfect tool for a one or two holes punch. It is constructed out of heavy-duty die-cast aluminum material, providing a long-lasting machine with many punching life. FP-1 creates a larger hole punch compare to the standard holes, which will provide a much smoother transition between pages. Work with plastics and laminated products? No problem, the punching machine will puncture through the material and present the same perfect hole like it was paper. It features an adjustable back margin, allows the operator to fully secure the documents before punching. Select from a variety of punch bits sizes including 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", and 5/16". With the FP-1 Paper Punching Machine, you can punch with confidence.

Product Details

  • Simple and easy multi-hole punching process by sliding the table
  • Punch up to an impressive 300 sheet of document at one time
  • Very little pressure needed to operate
  • Features a sliding table with adjustable stops providing an efficient work environment
  • Heavy-duty die-cast aluminium construction
  • Includes two 6mmmm (0.25") punch bits
  • Optional extra punches includes 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", and 5/16" (Sold Separately)


  • Sheet Capacity: Up to 300 sheet
  • Max Paper Length: 14"
  • Max Paper Height: 1"
  • Dimension: 17-1/3" x 12-1/5" x 8-1/5" (W x D x H)


2 Review(s)
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Reviewed on 3/11/2016

I was disappointed to find that the drill is really not well suited for the one task I got it for - punching a hole in the top left corner of 8.5" x 11" sheets (and keeping in the same position every time). The back guide (what they call the scale block) would simply need to be about 1 inch longer so that the side guide could go out just a bit further. If you take off the side guide completely to allow the sheets to be in the correct position for corner drilling you have no way to secure the sheets and maintain position accuracy throughout the job. The product specs say maximum paper length is 14" which would make you think that it can do what I needed. This back guide does not even appear to accommodate standard three hole drilling on 8.5 " x 11" which, again, you would think possible if it's supposed to accept 14" paper. With some bits and pieces from the hardware store added on I have been able to rig up a way to secure my sheets for corner drilling but it's not ideal. On the plus side, it does make clean holes in multiple sheets (including laminated stock) without too much effort. Overall, it probably does what it's designed for but the product description and specs do not make clear how limited this product is.

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Reviewed on 2/28/2016

Wow Review by Hannah S.

This thing punches holes through paper like nothing. Love the flexibility to place a hole anywhere on the edge of the paper and that different drill bits are available. Very cool punch.

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Questions & Answers
I am looking for punching machine with 2 mm hole size, do you ship to india
Asked by Varun 13 days ago
Thank you for your question. The smallest bit we have for a punch is 1/8" which is approx 3mm. You can find the the bits here We do ship internationally. If you put items in your cart and view the cart, you can enter your country and postal code to get the shipping cost.

Answered by MyBinding 8 days ago
We are interesting in buying the FP-1B Manual Paper an wanted to know which one of the diferents kind of drills are those compatible with this machine we wanted to add 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", and 5/16", thanks
Asked by Maria Alejandra 3 months ago
Thank you for your question. The MyBinding FP-1B Manual Paper Hole Drill uses punches that are made specifically for it. Despite it's name the MyBinding FP-1B Manual Paper Hole Drill is a punching machine and not a drill. You can find the bits for them here .

Answered by MyBinding 3 months ago
What is the minimum distance of the hole from the edge of the paper? Also, can this punch through 80# cardstock? If yes, how many sheets at a time?
Asked by Sam 8 months ago
Thank you for your question. The MyBinding FP-1B Manual Paper Hole Drill is able to punch a hole flush to the edge of the page . You would have to remove the back guide to punch a hole that overlaps the edge. We do not have a breakdown of punching capacity that covers 80# stock specifically but the FP-1B can punch up to a 1" stack of paper. As cardstock can be a bit denser than standard paper you should be able to punch a stack of cardstock that's just a bit thinner.

Answered by MyBinding 8 months ago
Do you sell FB-1B 5mm drill bits? I couln't find this bit size on your website. Can you give me the direct address to purchase it?
Asked by Hector Marrero 1 years ago
Thank you for your question. The bits we carry for the FP-1B Manual Paper Hole Drill come in 4 lengths ( 1 1/8" - 1 5/16" ) but only one diameter 3/16 " ( 4.7625 mm) , unfortunately i am not aware of a alternate source for bits for this drill.

Answered by MyBinding 1 years ago
What is the max distance of the hole from the edge of the paper?
Asked by all 1 years and 2 months ago ago
The FP-1B Manual Paper Hole Drill can be adjusted to maximum margin of 1 3/8" .

Answered by MyBinding.com 1 years and 2 months ago ago
Do the guides on the back margin remove completely? We would be using this on large-format sheets of paper (30" plus).
Asked by SHA 1 years and 4 months ago ago
I believe that you can remove the stops from the back gauge. This would allow you to punch anywhere along the edge of your 30" sheet of paper. However you are still going to be limited on how deep into the sheet you can punch (the distance of the hole from the edge of the paper).

Answered by MyBinding.com 1 years and 4 months ago ago
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