Triumph 4215 Electric Paper Cutter
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Triumph 4215 Electric Paper Cutter

Part #: MB-4215
Brand: MBM
  • Cutting Width: 16 7/8"
  • Cutting Height: 1 1/2"
  • Narrow Cut: 1 3/8"
  • Table Length in Front of Blade: 9"
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Product Description

Whether your market is quick-print, copy shop, in-plant, offset, or on-demand, Triumph makes the ideal cutter for your needs. Manufactured in Germany by MBM's parent company, IDEAL Krug & Priester, Triumph paper cutters set the world standards for safety and precision. Every Triumph model features either transparent safety guards or safety light beams and all electric models require true two-hand operation. Our programmable EP models have an advanced, easy-to-operate keypad, which stores nine programs with up to nine steps each. All Triumph hydraulic models utilize precise clamping pressure for mark-free cutting of specialty stocks. The MBM 4215 Semi-Automatic Electric Paper Cutter features an electric blade drive, a patented, lever-activated, fast-action clamp, a spindle-guided back gauge with calibrated crank, and an optical cutting line. The Triumph 4215 Electric Cutter also includes a side guide with measuring scale, solid steel blade carrier, optional stand (shown) or cabinet, UL and C UL approved. The MBM Triumph 4215 Paper Cutter also includes some great safety features including external blade depth adjustment , two-hand operation, transparent safety guards on front and rear tables, automatic blade return from any position, disc brake for instant blade stop, and a safety lock with key and main switch.

Product Details

  • Cutting Width:16 7/8"
  • Cutting Height : 1 1/2"
  • Narrow Cut : 1 3/8"
  • Cutting Length Behind Blade: 15 5/16"
  • Table Length in Front of Blade: 9"
  • Dimensions: 27 1/4" x 25 1/4" x 14 1/8" (41 1/2" H with stand, 42 1/2" H with cabinet)
  • Shipping Weight: 191 lbs. (217 w/stand, 278 w/cabinet)
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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Staff Review

MBM Triumph 4215 Electric Paper Cutter Review

If you need to cut a lot of paper at once, a rotary or guillotine paper cutter just isn’t going to cut it. You need something heavy duty like the MBM Triumph 4215. Here’s an in-depth look at this device’s features so you can decide if it’s going to fit your needs.

  • The 4215 can definitely cut a lot of paper at one time. In fact, it can slice through a stack of sheets that’s 1.5 inches high in a matter of seconds, making it the ideal device for processing a lot of paper quickly.
  • This would be a good cutter to use if your paper is on the big side. The total cutting width is 16-7/8 inches which is perfect for legal-sized sheets. (Those measure 8-1/2” x 14”.) The length in front of the blade is 9 inches and the remaining 15-5/16 are behind it.
  • If you’re concerned about safety, you’ll be glad to know that the 4215 has a lot of features that ensure a safe cutting experience. For one thing, there are clear safety guards on both the front and rear tables so your hands will be far away from the blade. You can stop the blade quickly by engaging a disc brake. And there’s also a safety lock to prevent unauthorized use of the device.
  • One of the things that makes the 4215 very user-friendly is its optical cutting line. This feature ensures you’ll be able to get the most accurate cut every time you use the device.
  • This device has an adjustable back gauge so you can cut paper of varying sizes. You’ll be able to see the position of the back gauge thanks to a digital display. This is a really handy feature and it will help you out a lot.
  • The 4215 is a very large device so you can expect it to take up a lot of room. Its dimensions are 27-1/4” x 25-1/4” x 14-1/8” and it weighs 191 pounds. If you don’t have enough room for it on a countertop or table, you can get a stand or a cabinet for it. (Both of these items are sold separately and will add a few hundred dollars to the total cost of your purchase.)
  • Finally, the 4215 comes with a one-year warranty so you’re covered in case anything goes wrong with it.

The MBM Triumph 4215 is a very impressive paper cutter and not just because it’s big. This is a device that’s perfect for heavy-duty cutting because it’s durable enough to stand up to just about anything. This cutter has a fantastic cutting capacity and it’s large enough to handle different sizes of documents. The safety features are plentiful and will really help you have an injury-free experience. And you’re going to get the cut you need thanks to the optical cutting line. While it’s disappointing that the stand and cabinet cost extra, overall this is a device that’s well worth the money. Check out the 4215 today.

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