Wire-O Black 3:1 Pitch Double Loop Ring Wire Spool
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Wire-O Black 3:1 Pitch Double Loop Ring Wire Spool

Brand: James Burn
  • Black and glossy superior 3:1 wire.
  • 3:1 Pitch with diameters from 1/4” to 9/16”.
  • Many common automatic wire binding machines can use continuous wire spine on a spool.
  • 1 spool can produce between 22,000 to 90,000 loops.
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Product Description

Get a professional wire book binding finish provided by this black 3:1 Wire-O Twin-Loop Binding Spool. Wire-O binding spools, also known as twin loop wire binders, come in a variety of sizes and have a nice metal finish. This wire binding spine, which is rolled onto a big spool, is designed to function with several common automatic wire binding equipment found in major publishing and binding shops. James Burn produces the best-quality wire binding spools, which are proudly carried from MyBinding. You can cut a spool of wire to any length you need, with less waste, compared to pre-cut wire.

Spools for wire binding are available in a wide range of colors and sizes. First, select a color from a range of formal shades, such as black, white, silver, pewter, blue, green, and more. Next, decide which wire diameter you require. Check out the capacity chart below for some suggestions based on the thickness of your books if you need assistance choosing the right diameter for your project. The pitch will be predetermined based on the size you choose. While bigger sizes from 5/8 inch to 1-1/4" have a 3:1 pitch, sizes from 1/4 inch up to 9/16 inch do not. Want us to cut the wire to your specifications? No issue! For additional information about custom wire binding spines, visit our custom wire page.

Product Details

  • Manufacturer: James Burn International
  • Binding Style: Wire-O Binding
  • Sheet Size: Compatible with multiple sizes.
  • Color: Black
  • Pitch: 3:1 Pitch (3 Holes per Inch)
  • Length: 22,000 Loops - 90,000 Loops
  • Diameter: 1/4" - 9/16"
  • Approximate Capacity: 40 - 110 Sheets (20lb Paper)
  • Quantity: 1 Spool

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Equivalent Chart

A Wire-O Twin-Loop Binding Spool can be the ideal option for bulk wire binding in your large print or binding shop. Only the best double-o wires from James Burn are available from us, and they come in a wide range of sizes and colors to suit your precise requirements. We carry the wire spools you require, whether you require little 3:1 pitch wires or huge 2:1 pitch wires.

Wire-spool bound books can be fully 360° flipped, allowing you to turn the pages over until they touch the back and lay flat when opened. They are, therefore, a well-liked option for calendars, particularly when used with our simple metal calendar hangers.

The loop count used to determine the size of a Wire-O spool varies based on the wire diameter chosen. For instance, the tiniest 1/4" wires have 90,000 loops, while the biggest 1-1/4" wires have 2,900 loops on one spool. The chart below shows the various loop counts per spool. It can be used to choose the optimal wire size depending on your unique requirements, either using an approximate page capacity or an approximate book thickness.

Capacity Chart for Wire-O Binding
  • The right fit for twin loop wire binding can be achieved with a few easy steps.
  • Lay the book to be bound out flat on a table.
  • Determine the depth of the binding edge without compressing the paper.
  • The binding element's size will be determined by taking the measurement and adding 1/8" to it.

Size Color Pitch MyBinding SKU Renz SKU GBC SKU
1/4" Black 3:1 91JB14SPLBLK RZ140BKSP 9910014BK
5/16" Black 3:1 91JBN516SPLBK RZ516BKSP 9910056BK
3/8" Black 3:1 91JB38SPLBLK RZ380BKSP 9910038BK
7/16" Black 3:1 91JB716SPLBK RZ716BKSP 9910076BK
1/2" Black 3:1 91JB12SPLBLK RZ120BKSP 9910012BK
9/16" Black 3:1 91JB916SPLBK RZ916BKSP 9910096BK
5/8" Black 2:1 91JB58SPLBLK RZ580BKSP 9910058BK
3/4" Black 2:1 91JBN34SPLBLK RZ340BKSP 9910034BK
7/8" Black 2:1 91JB78SPLBLK RZ780BKSP 9910078BK
1" Black 2:1 91JB1SPLBLK RZ100BKSP 9910001BK
1-1/8" Black 2:1 91JB118SPLBK RZ118BKSP
1-1/4" Black 2:1 91JB114SPLBK RZ114BKSP

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