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The Akiles CBM650 is a heavy-duty modular plastic comb opener that allows you to open and close all standard size binding combs (from 3/16" up to 2" in diameter) and up to 14" in length. Its simple-to-use & all-metal construction design guarantee high productivity and durability. The CBM650 is the only comb opener available on the market that offers the ability to quickly and easily change the location of the handle. This makes it an ideal choice for left handed operators or for use when binding documents that are longer than 14 inches.

Product Details

  • The CBM650 modular unit is designed to work as a stand alone unit, as well as a mounted module to one of our comb binding punches such as CombMac-24E, DuoMac and VersaMac.
  • The unique ambidexterous design of CBM650 means its handle can be installed on either the left or right side, allowing an efficient operation whether you are left or right handed.
  • User-friendly design and heavy-duty all metal construction guarantee maximum productivity and durability.

Item Specifications

  • Model: CBM650 - Modular Comb Opener
  • Max. Binding Thickness: Up to 2" diameter
  • Max. Binding Length: Up to 14"
  • Ambidexterous Design: Comb opener handle can be installed on either left-or right-hand side
  • Modular: Can be used as a stand-alone device or can be conveniently mounted on top of your Akiles comb punch
  • Heavy-duty: All metal construction
  • Actual Machine Dimensions (L x W x H): 9" x 19" x 6"
  • Optional Stand: Stand for Akiles CBM650
  • Shipping Length: 12"
  • Shipping Width: 21.5"
  • Shipping Height: 10"
  • Shipping Weight: 11 Lbs.
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Manufacturer's Warranty

Demonstration Video

Akiles CBM650 Modular Plastic Comb Opener Demo Video

Transcript: Welcome to MyBinding video. This is the Akiles CBM650, a modular plastic comb opener. This is a heavy-duty, all-metal construction modular built for the Comb Mac, Dual Mac, Reverse Mac or can be used on its own. When it comes to opening combs and binding books, this is a great machine. There's help in the front to know what size comb is best for your size project, the max. binding length on this machine is 14 inches - great for standard and oversized plastic combs. Its ambidextrous design allows the comb opener handle to be installed on either the left or right side of the machine. The design ...

Staff Review

Akiles CBM650 Modular Plastic Comb Opener Review


  • The Akiles CBM650 modular comb opener was is designed to allow users with a modular binding punch to quickly and easily insert their punched pages onto plastic comb binding spines.
  • Designed by Akiles to work with the Versamac modular binding punch, this comb opener can be used with virtually any modular punching system and can even be used to increase productivity with smaller manual and electric comb binding systems.
  • The CBM650 is similar to other modular comb openers by GBC, Rhin-O-Tuff, Tamerica and Renz. However it includes several features that are not commonly found on other comb openers.

Strengths / Features:

  • The Akiles CBM 650 is the only plastic comb opener available on the market with a detachable handle that can be installed on either the left or right side of the machine. This makes this unit an ideal choice for left handed users and for organizations with multiple users.
  • This modular comb opener is designed for use with plastic combs up to 24 rings in length. This means that it can be used to bind books that are legal size (14 inches), letter size (11 inches), A4 size (11.7 inches) and smaller half size documents.
  • The CBM-650 is made of heavy duty metal for lasting operation. It is mounted to a high quality stand that offers a comb sizing guide. The metal teeth on this machine are heavy duty and are long enough for use with both small round shaped plastic combs and larger oval shaped combs.
  • The comb opening mechanism on the CBM650 seems to be both heavy duty and designed well. It is important when looking for a plastic comb opener that the comb stays open and does not slip when you are inserting your pages. On some comb openers this can be a problem when binding documents with larger combs. This machine did not slip when binding documents with either small or large sized combs.
  • The price point on this machine is excellent. In fact, it is one of the most affordable comb opening machines available on the market.

Weaknesses / Limitations:

  • One of the few potential weaknesses of this machine is that the handle used to open the combs is relatively small and is tilted back when the opener is in the closed position. This small handle can take a little bit getting used to but after a while it seemed relatively easy to use.
  • The CBM650 has long open slots on the top of the machine. Over time it is possible for paper dust, and chads to build fall into these slots and to build up on the mechanism inside the machine. It is a good idea to take the machine and periodically blow it out with an air compressor. However, over time it still may be necessary to take the machine apart to clean it especially in production environments.
  • The Akiles CBM650 will easily sit on a table, counter or on the top of your machine. However, many other comb openers have a larger footprint than this model providing more stability during the comb opening process. It didn't seem tipsy during testing. However, it was not as stable or heavy as other comb openers that we have tested. This may be a weakness for some users and a potential strength for other users.


  • The excellent price point and the ambidextrous design of the Akiles CBM650 make it a definite winner.
  • This machine is an excellent choice for use with a modular binding punch such as the GBC Magnapunch, Akiles Versamac or any of the Rhin-O-Tuff binding punches that are available on the market.
  • It can even be used along with smaller desktop comb binding systems to increase productivity by forming an assembly line with one user punching and another inserting pages onto the binding combs.