Standard PC-450 Semi Automatic 17.5" Electric Paper Cutter
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Standard PC-450 Semi Automatic 17.5" Electric Paper Cutter

Part #: PC-450
Brand: Standard
  • Cutting Witdh: 17.5"
  • Cutting Depth: Minimum: .79" and Maximum: 17.7"
  • Cut Capacity: 500 Sheets
  • Cutting Height: 2.75"
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Price Match Guarantee
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Product Description

The Standard Horizon PC-450 is a high-quality paper cutter designed to bring new levels of efficiency to quick printers and in-plant print shops and binderies. It offers a 17.5" cutting width, 2.75" cutting height, up to 17.7" cutting depth, and an illuminated cut line. The PC-450 is incredibly simple to use and is designed as a workhorse cutter for your in-plant facility. The PC450 has a relatively small footprint so that it can fit in a tight work environment and provides highly accurate cutting for your most important jobs. Consider adding a Standard Horizon PC-450 electric paper cutter to your facility today.

Product Details

  • Safety Sequence Circuitry & Safety Mechanism: The knife is actuated by two-hand throw in switches. So, if either one of the two switches is released in the middle of cutting, the machine instantaneously stops. Further, the knife automatically moves up to its home position even if the switches are released after the knife has reached its lower dead point.
  • Cutter & Illuminated Cut-Line: The cutting knife made of special steel ensures consistently high standard cutting quality for a prolonged period of time. Further, the built in illuminated cut-line indicator helps you find easily the cut-line without identifying the cut-line each time.
  • Precise Backgauge Travel: The precision-built backgauge lead-screw enables you to make a trim cut as fine as 0.5mm (0.019"). The backgauge is operated by the handcrank at the front-table and can be locked if necessary.
  • Simple Operation: There are no complicated switch controls except the two-hand knife switches. You need only three steps to complete the cutting job: setting up the cut size, clamping the stock, and depressing the two-hand knife switches. That's all.

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Item Specifications

  • Model: PC-45
  • Cutting Width: Max 4446mm (17.5")
  • Lift Height: (Clamp Opening) Max. 70mm (2.7")
  • Cutting Depth: Max 450mm (17.7") Min. 20mm (0.78")
  • Cutting Speed: 2.5 sec/cut
  • Power: 120V 60hz 13A
  • Power Consumption: 1.1 kw
  • Machine Dimensions: 31.2" x 31.7" x 46.1"
  • Height from Floor to Table Top: 34.6"
  • Machine Weight: 348lbs
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Manufacturer's Warranty

Staff Review

Standard PC-P45 Electric Desktop Paper Cutter Review

Electric paper cutters make it possible to cut hundreds of sheets at once. One of the best available is the Standard PC-P45 Electric Desktop Paper Cutter. Here's a look at what it can do so you can decide if it will fit your document trimming needs.

  • The PC-P45 is capable of cutting 2.7 inches of paper at once. If you're not quite sure what that means, it simply means that this device can cut many sheets in one go - over 500, in fact. That means you'll be able to cut an entire ream of paper in just a couple of seconds.

  • This machine can cut paper that's up to 17.5" wide and 17" deep. Since the cutting width is so generous, you'll be able to work with both large and small sheets. When you're ready to trim them, the illuminated cutting line will give you an idea of where the sheets will be cut. You can then realign the paper if necessary.

  • The PC-P45 has a blade that's made out of steel so you'll be able to get crisp cuts every time you use this machine. The blade is strong enough to last a long time so you won't need to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

  • This device has an adjustable backgauge that's controlled by a handcrank. The backgauge can be locked if your project calls for it. Also, this part of the device is really precise and can enable you to make a 0.5 millimeter cut.

  • The PC-P45 is safe to use because it will stop operating if one of the two knife switches gets released. (The switches are located on the front of the unit.) Plus, the blade will rise up when both switches are released. To top things off, there are safety shields on the front and back of the device. All of these features will help prevent any injuries from occurring.

  • If you want a cutter that's easy to use, the PC-P45 would be a great choice. All you need to do to operate it is line up your paper, choose which size cut you want, and then press down on the knife switches. It's really easy even if you've never used a cutter like this before.

  • This is actually one of the more compact electric cutters available thanks to its approximate measurements of 31" (width) x 32" (depth) x 46" (height). It would be a good choice for copy shops, art studios, and other production environments.

  • Finally, the PC-P45 comes with a warranty that lasts for an entire year.

The Standard PC-P45 is a high-quality electric paper cutter and it's one that can be really helpful if you need to cut a lot of paper at once. This device offers an excellent cutting capacity and user-friendly features such as the lit-up cutting line and adjustable backgauge. You'll find this machine easy to use and you'll feel safe using it. Basically, the PC-P45 is one of the best cutters available. Take a look at it today to see if it's what you need.

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