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HSM 390.3 Level P-6 High Security Cross Cut Professional Shredder
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HSM 390.3 Level P-6 High Security Cross Cut Professional Shredder

HSM 390.3 Level P-6 High Security Cross Cut Professional Shredder

Part #: 1369
Brand: HSM
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The HSM 390.3cc Level 3 Cross Cut Paper Shredder is a mobile, very high performance model for departments and offices floors. The 390.3cc can destroy entire computer listings and shred CDs, store cards and credit cards. This shredder offers a folding safety element, in the security levels 2 and 3 with infeed slot for CDs and floppy disks and a modern electronic controller along with a photoelectric cell for automatic start/stop control. The HSM 390.3cc Cross Cut Paper Shredder also includes a rocker switch for on/off and reverse, a stand-by mode with LED indicator and automatic safety shutoff when the waste container is full or when the door is open. In the event of a paper Jam the HSM 390.3cc will automatically stop and conveniently reverse itself. The HSM 390.3cc Cross Cut Shredder even comes with a removable, reusable waste container to save money on consumables.

Product Details

  • With its completely precise cut and an extremely handy automatic reverse, the starter model of the professional series can handle large workloads, even in 15-20 person departments.
  • In case of paper jam, auto start/stop with LED as well as auto reverse are standard.
  • Auto stop when container is full or door is open.
  • Practical storage space for paper stacks.
  • Crosscut models can cut up to approximately 27 sheets per run; Strip cut: up to 42 sheets per run (see specifications).
  • Convenient pull-out system for removing the integrated, sturdy, reusable shred-bin bag.
  • Powerful, specially adjusted motor for longer periods of use---with thermal protection for high performance.
  • The tried-and-tested closed tooth wheel drive prevents penetration of dirt and slows wear, thus increasing the service life.
  • Enclosed housing protects against the spread of paper dust and provides for "whisper quiet" shredding.
  • Mobile for shared use.


  • Shred Size: 1/32" x 7/16"
  • Security Level: P-6 (Old Level 5)
  • Capacity: 7-9 Sheets
  • Feed Width: 15.8"
  • Speed: 27 ft./min.
  • Motor: 1400 W 115 V/60 Hz
  • Waste Bin: 39 gallons
  • Weight: 132 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 23.4" x 18.5" x 35.7"
  • Warranty: 3 Years Manufacturer Warranty / 1 Year on Cutting Cylinders


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HSM 390.3 Level 5 High Security Cross Cut Paper Shredder Review

In any business today, secure disposal of confidential documents is a must. For those needing to destroy larger quantities of extremely sensitive information, the HSM 390.3 Level 5 High Security Shredder is perfect. Offering simple yet powerful operation, this machine is designed to fit the high security shredding needs of entire departments and office floors. Let's take a closer look at the 390.3.


  • Even the most inexperienced user will find this machine simple to operate, thanks to the many automated features. Once switched on, the motor idles in standby mode without consuming energy. As items are slid into the feed, a photoelectric eye senses them and starts and stops the blades automatically to shred as needed. If a jam occurs, the machine automatically stops the blades and reverses them, sending the overfed paper back out to the user. An LED panel keeps the operator aware of the machine's status at all times.

  • The powerful motor is conveniently rated for continuous duty. This is especially beneficial in high traffic areas; no one likes to wait for a shredder to cool down. Thermal protection keeps the motor from overheating. The tried and true closed-gear transmission system ensures less dirt and wear while increasing service life.

  • The 16 inch feed easily accepts letter and legal size paper as well as wide computer printouts. Up to 11 sheets can enter at once and are shred as fast as 31 feet per minute. Tiny paper bits rain down into a spacious 41 gallon reusable shred bag. A cabinet houses the removable container and uses a pull-out system for quick and easy replacement.

  • Solid steel blades cross cut secret documents into miniscule pieces only 1mm by 11mm in size. Those tiny particles provide a high level 5 security rating and are impossible to reassemble. This makes the shredder perfect for any business with highly sensitive material to destroy.

  • HSM provides a one year warranty on this product which includes the cutting shafts, parts, and labor.


  • At 132 pounds, this is a heavy piece of equipment. Thankfully, there are casters mounted on the bottom for added mobility. This doesn't present a big problem for most users.

  • All staples and paperclips must be removed before shredding. This can be a tedious process or it may not affect you, depending on your needs. While this is fairly normal for level 5 shredders, the GBC Shredmaster GLHS9 also rates a level 5 and handles document fasteners.

  • The blades only accept 11 sheets at once. This is also common with high security devices and is offset by the rapid shred speed of 31 feet per minute. Even so, you could upgrade to the HSM 411.2 Level 5 for greater intake capacity but slightly slower shredding.

As you can see, the HSM 390.3 is perfect for the secure destruction of classified material. It would work exceptionally well in a busy environment needing all day shredding. Offering automatic features for easy use combined with powerful steel blades for swift obliteration of sensitive information, this device is both convenient and efficient. The HSM 390.3 is an excellent choice for your next high security shredder.

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Also Shreds Paper, Paper Clip Paper, Paper Clip Paper, Paper Clip Paper, Paper Clip Paper, Paper Clip Paper, Paper Clip Paper, Paper Clip Paper, Paper Clip
Security Level (DIN 66399) P-6 / F-3 P-6 (Old level 5) P-6 (Old level 5) P-6 / F-3 P-6 / F-3 P-6 / F-3 P-6 / F-3 P-6 / F-3
Security Level (DIN 32757-1) 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
Cutting Width 1/32 in 1/32 in 1/16 in 1/32 in 1/32 in 1/32 in 1/32 in 1/32 in
Cutting Capacity (80g/m²) 12-14 Sheets 12-14 Sheets
Cutting Capacity (70g/m²) 10-11 sheets 6-8 sheets 6-7 sheets 10-11 sheets 10-11 sheets 10-11 sheets 17-19 sheets 17-19 sheets
Intake Width 16 in 10 in 10 in 12 in 12 in 16 in 16 in 16 in
Waste Bin Volume 39 gal 20 gal 20 gal 31.7 gal 31.7 gal 39 gal 38.5 gal 38.5 gal
Noise Level (Idle Operation) 70 dB 64 dB 64 dB 64 dB 64 dB 70 dB 68 dB 68 dB
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